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More focus, more productivity, creative thinking, and calm?

Have you ever felt like your mind can do more? Get ready!

Dear backers, watch this video, it will blow your mind!

It takes you only 20 mins a day and 3 times a week!’s patent-pending neurotechnology delivers one of the most detailed mind training. It is the best brain train ever,  offered in your home!

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You can maximize your brainwaves anywhere, at any time. Uber rides, planes flights, or in your backyard. In just 8 weeks, take your mental performance to a higher level! headphones

These results are from research studies on healthy brains. They were using similar protocols as’s Build Resilience program. You can compare outcomes following the application’s advised rate over the 8-week program. This is simply one of’s sixteen 8-12 week courses.

The only personalized, truly adaptive brain training system –

This is innovative equipment in a comfortable headset. Supplied with an effective application to guide your brain journey.

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They developed a special way to measure mind modifications. By that, not only the brainwaves. But also actual performance modifications. The GeniusPulse controller uses a 15-minute game. That way it records the pulse of your head machine.


Three years ago, they set out to deliver Gamma Neurofeedback in a simple wearable. With a diverse team of brain experts, they established one of a kind home Neurotherapy system. Seven patents at numerous stages of approval. Yes, that is their proof of trustworthiness.

Countless technological innovations later, they have created a solution. Now, they want to share with you. can read even the fastest brain waves

Also, Gamma, as high as 50Hz+ with signal integrity!

what boosts

You can get personalized ‘boosts’ accessible. You pick: stand-alone or during Neurofeedback training for faster learning methods.


The Pulse Oximeter sensor can review heart signals thousands of times, each second. This is essential for heart-rate variability training. helps you explore your internal world more deeply

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It helps you achieve sophisticated states of meditation, contemplation, and peak performance. As a result, you cut out the distractions of daily life. Just by that, you make powerful adjustments. It could typically take much longer and require much more investment. They believe this revolution is essential to the survival of our species.

Programs are about 20-minute sessions

They are all developed by brain specialists. As the goal was to reinforce healthy brainwave patterns. With that kind of professionalism, offers more programs than any other home system.

how to use

Based upon consciousness study, they adjust meditation styles with specific brainwave patterns. As optional, they include some powerful guided meditations. Due to the fact that they understand this will boost your training results.

Each headset supports multiple user options

For instance, include several family members in program. Each user develops their very own account to maintain their sessions. Given that, measurement is customized to them. in close

The subscription is US$ 20/month per person. A 1-year subscription includes the headset acquisition.’s modern technology has been crafted from the ground

The sensors, electronics, digital signal handling! Meaning, top-quality equipment. Also, App as well as individual experience design.

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The years of research and development are what make it possible to read high fidelity brainwaves. Readable from hair brings the broadest range of mind training programs.


An American contract manufacturer is a source for 3d party components from around the world. Also, it manufactures proprietary components and finalizes the product. They have taken a lot of steps to alleviate supply chain delays. They have pre-purchased vital parts. Also, are readying the manufacturing tools for the production mold and mildew.



It is a multiple-award-winning agency. Crowdfunding advertising and marketing s their core business. in addition, they work as an advertising and marketing division for expanding brands. Rainfactory’s experienced group & data-driven, battle-tested method make certain long-lasting market dominance. Especially for eCommerce start-ups.

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