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SHIFT | Seamless organization in style for any context

SHIFT: seamless organization in style for any context

SHIFT is a laptop, cable & vertical organizer with a sleek design to help you stay organized & stylish at home, office, or on-the-go.

Introducing SHIFT a seamless laptop, cable, and vertical organizer.

The main features include: keep your essentials on-the-go, cable organizer, no footprint vertical organizer, backpack organizer, fits any laptop, 100% versatile, you can place it anywhere, offers easy and no residue removal, leaves no stains, and is washable and holds your stuff safe.

SHIFT seamless organization in style for any context
  • It is also perfectly tailored for mobile working so you can move around seamlessly, keeping your hands and pockets free.
  • It’s great for getting your workspace tidy, sleek, and smart.
  • You will never forget or lose anything anywhere.
  • Your stuff is now safe and handy, once attached to your laptop you can be sure that it will securely hold your stuff in place.
  • Its technical adhesive makes it easy to attach and easy to detach, leaving no residue on the surface at all.
  • You can attach it literally anywhere in any environment, on the desk, under the desk, on your laptop, tablet, wall… You can make it stand out or invisible, it’s your choice.
SHIFT seamless organization in style for any context

There are 3 color options and 3 different size options which you can choose from. It is made out of high-quality materials and with perfect details. Carefully designed with perfect attention to detail, with high-quality soft-touch fabric and resistant elastic bands. It will keep all your protection items at hand, clean, and touching no surface but your laptop.

The great thing to note is that their team works together with “WE FOREST”, an NGO specialized in restoring the world’s forests. By donating 1 % of their benefits, through them they help plant & grow trees. This is certified by independent auditors and web maps that show exactly where the trees will be located.

As a brand focused on designing “Smart solutions for digital nomads” they wanted to continue developing solutions to make life easier, smarter, and more flexible with sleek and stylish designs.

SHIFT seamless organization in style for any context

They still believe that we are all digital nomads, moving constantly from one place to another: from a meeting room to the desk, to a cafeteria, to another meeting room…because the way that people work nowadays is changing, and that mobility, flexibility and working from anywhere are fundamental aspects of our daily work life.

Now, with the pandemic and the rise of the home office, the concept of home nomads has been born. Moving from your room to the living room or the kitchen with your work stuff makes you a digital nomad actually… but at home.

This is their 3rd campaign on Kickstarter. They launch their products here because the funds they generate thanks to you, give them the freedom to run their business exactly how they want. They don’t have outside investors and are not attached to growth goals, revenue objectives, or any other pressure imposed by other people.

SHIFT seamless organization in style for any context

Thanks to their backers’ support, feedback, and suggestions they are steering the direction of their product roadmap assuring that they are developing products that matter.

They say they are a passionate and hard-working team ready to deliver what they promise and go the extra mile in customer care.

  • Long-lasting design

They have designed their products with usability and durability in mind. Although they have elastics, that with time can wear loose, they made stress tests to assure that they’ll last as long as possible.

  • Reusability and recyclability

The different materials of SHIFT can be separated for correct disposal and recyclability.

  • Sustainable materials

The packaging is made of recycled paper.

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