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SHOO Super Pant | Perfect Woman’s Pants!


Ladies and…


Exclusively for you, dream pants are here now!

It’s SHOO-W time!

Stylish… Slimming… Flexible…

3 ladies wearing SHOO

The brand-new SHOO Super Trousers fit adequately to use in the gym. But also on a night out! Put on your blazer and go straight to a business conference! They’re truly the PERFECT set of ladies’ pants. And also, they’re compostable!

The SHOO Super Pants are a multifunctional

what are SHOO made of

The ideal garment for ladies seeking a way to avoid the need for a purse. Now, You can bring every one of your daily essentials with you – on YOU. The pants are constructed with all-natural fiber. Sustainably from trees as well as has a double-knit design guarantees they can endure daily wear. Eight pockets throughout pants make you certain there is enough space for all the things you need!

8 pockets

SHOO has a 3 years guarantee

They’re so certain of the top quality of their trousers that they give you a 3-year guarantee! That’s right! If you experience any tear, damaged zipper or stood-out stitch send it to them. They’ll repair them free of charge or replace them completely!

details on SHOO

Super stretchy, practical, and multifunctional!


  • Eight pockets

Do you think it’s even possible to make that amount?

Try those 8 pockets, and leave your purse at home.

  • The Shoo Super pants come with a 2.5″ x 2.5″ power bank
style pants, comfort, 8 pockets,

Mag-Safe wireless portable charger 15W magnetic fast power bank comes with 5000MAH. Compatible with most smartphones. Also, that much power provides you with 2.5 charges.

Charges iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max/12 Mini, as well as to any type of Mag-safe phone. Or, if you have an older phone, you can charge it using the built-in wire.

Pants have integrated wire. So that will allow you to charge any kind of phone or even ear-pods.

A little “power bank pocket” hidden under will hold the power bank. This way avoids any interference to girl contours.

Even when you leave your bag at home, you don’t have to worry.

Wireless charge from pants. You heard that correctly…

Super sustainability

Shoo is completely compostable! Made with Lenzing Ecovero Zippers are made from recycled tape.

As for sewing, it is done with little manufacturers. Isn’t that simply terrific?

fabric details

Therefore, you can see durability and longevity are their main premisses. This is the key to reduced consumption.

To conclude minimal use of plastic, and fully recyclable.

The perfect pair of ladies’ pants need to come with excellent packaging! As you can see, they went all out for you!

Stacy Chong

Designer Stacy Chong after 20 years in the fashion industry decided to make something outstanding. She managed to make the perfect pair of pants. And, not just by the look! But also from the start to the final product – SHOO pants have a real story to tell.

“Born in the USA!”

Brand names have traditionally dropped their expectations on high quality by creating items overseas with cheap and also occasionally compelled labor. That’s not the instance with SHOO. All of their pants are proudly made in the USA!

shoo logo

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