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Silver Pillow | Smart Pillow That Cleans Itself 24/7

They are BeChloted! A 5-time creator with over 5,000+ backers. Their previous projects won the hearts of over 150,000+ consumers! And they’re back – with the Silver Pillow!

Silver Pillow

The Silver Pillow is a great addition to your sleeping empowerment:

  • It’s a self-cleaning smart pillow that’s developed to:
  • Keeps your pillow clean, all day.
  • Maintains the best temperature level during sleeping time
  • Guarantee your neck is secured with the orthopedic curvature.
  • Last but not least, it promises a super comfy and wonderful sleep.
rest all night long with silver pillow

Silver is embedded in every part of the pillowcase. That means it cleanses itself all day long.

Ag silver

The power of silver is unbelievable. It is efficient against bacteria, and also has recovery properties. Because of that is typically used in medical facilities for disinfection.
Their supported base molds to your head. Also, provides a layer of supersoft foam that always gets back into the initial position. At the same time, Silver Pillow makes you seem like you’re laying on air. And, it always bounces back to its form when you stand up.

man sleeping on silver pillow

Silver is natural thermoregulation.

That way it works to maintain your comfortability. It’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Maintain the best temperature all the time. With the power to cleanse itself, the casing is devoid of nasties. This ensures you will put your face always on a fresh cushion. Guarding you throughout the night and also tidying itself throughout the day.

head on silver pillow

They added a mesh layer between the case and the core. It’s important to keep things airy inside.

two colors

This maintains a void between the two sides. Also makes sure there’s always a space for air to circulate in between.
It fits your spine like the key to the lock! An asymmetric curve coushins you right where you want and need. It adapts to the arch of your back. At the same time straighten your neck. Two sides give you the choice. Choose if you need a bigger or a smaller side of Silver Pillow.
In addition, the dense cell structure has numerous holes for the remaining airflow. It ventilates all night.

holes on silver pillow for airflow

When your head is covering the top, the airflow harmonizes across both sides of the cushion. This assures the flow of air to the core. Making it possible to breathe freely throughout the whole night.

features of silver pillow

Pure Silver lasts for a lifetime of the pillow. You can wash it in the machine and requires no setup self-cleaning. With knowing it’s clean 24 hours a day you can rest with no worries.
A soft cotton and Silver mixture is the very best mix. Especially if you are looking for the dreamy with clean. But, who doesn’t? Their argyle stitch pattern is in form of little raised diamonds. This gives the feel of an even more natural way to sleep on.

It’s time to let go of that worn out cushion you’ve had all these years!

BeClothed logo

You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping. Make sure you give yourself the best!
Upgrade your home and bedroom. Treat the entire family to a Silver Pillow. Knowing you are protected you will sleep like a baby!

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