SimpleReal | First Collapsible Stainless Steel Cookware

SimpleReal, light packer, made from steel – made to last!

When we think about outdoor activities, everything looks perfect in the pictures! But, when it comes to packaging, here comes the first challenge. How to pack light and smart? That’s a million-dollar question! The answer is SimpleReal.

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While a lot of steel camping pots and pans take up lots of space, the real magic lies in the SimpleReal stainless-steel container. Its capacity to collapse right into a tiny disc, makes him stowed quickly and become your favorite foodie partner. In no time he becomes huge. But also folds up in a slim accessory, allowing you to appreciate your time in the wild without transporting large pots!

SimpleReal - First Collapsible Stainless Steel Cookware collapse

Developed for space-conscious campers, SimpleReal cooking equipment switch its size to a portable, easy-to-stash 3cm tall disk in no time! You can maintain it light without having to compromise on the experience.

The SimpleReal streamlined design fits nicely in your backpack, providing you extra space for other gears

It may look thin when collapsed, but don’t get misled by its size! It has a generous amount of volume and it will satisfy your cooking or keeping food needs.

SimpleReal First Collapsible Stainless Steel Cookware functions kickstarter

SimpleReal stainless-steel cooking equipment is big enough to hold a decent meal but durable for all outdoor conditions.  It also collapses in less than half of its original size, making it super easy to carry around. It takes almost no space at all! With different functional features, SimpleReal cooking cookware is your ally in following wilderness adventures!

grip ,handle of simple real

SimpleReal cookware is constructed out of hard-wearing stainless steel. The latches on both sides maintain their structure strong and also heavy-load resistant. When the latches are secured, there is no fret for your cookware to break down.

It reaches the optimal balance between portability and endurance. One of the most important attachments that come with SimpleReal is the removable silicone gasket. While attached it forms leak-proof sealing.

When it is firmed, the hold on the side of SimpleReal won’t get loosened easily, protecting the structure of cookware.

By attaching the latches, the silicone gaskets are pressed firmly right into the stainless-steel slots. That creates a waterproof barrier. Perfect for boiling water or soup!

SimpleReal First Collapsible Stainless Steel Cookware leakproof

Made of top-quality stainless steel, SimpleReal cooking equipment is anticorrosive, acid/alkali resistant as free from heavy metals. The lid and gaskets are made from food-grade silicone, BPA, and toxic chemicals free. Have no fears to cook directly over stoves!

Cleaning SimpleReal is effortless, all the components are dishwasher approved, and also can be easily taken apart for a thorough wash. You can clean up every layer of the container, leaving zero dirty spots!

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The handle is detachable, made easy for cooking. After attaching it to the side, make sure that it locks into the area. After doing that you can hold on to it while cooking or remove it from the fire. It fits right into the cooking equipment, so there is no need for extra storage space!

SimpleReal First Collapsible Stainless Steel Cookware

In its flattened form, SimpleReal is only 3cm thin but when it’s fully expanded, it offers an abundant 1100ml volume!

It additionally features a food-grade silicone lid, created for packing as well as carrying food on the go.

Spill-Proof Silicone Lid

This silicone lid with its advantages can make SimpleReal a container. You can easily store snacks or pack the leftovers and carry on with an adventure.

We specifically designed a breathable air vent on the silicone lid, allowing the hot air to discharge, protecting against high pressure from the steam inside the sealed SimpleReal.

SimpleReal First Collapsible Stainless Steel Cookware

Transformable Bag for SimpleReal

With Simplereal bowl we also offer a practical bag made from nylon fabric that is splash-prof. It protects your cookware when stowed, makes it more convenient to bring meals with you, also has a function as a sleeve, for enjoying your hot meal.

SimpleReal First Collapsible Stainless Steel Cookware eating

Why Stainless Steel?

Plastic or silicone containers serve just fine, yet the major troubles are their soft structure – they crush easily, and the smell of food lingers. But, would you except just ‘fine’ for yourself?

They started conceptualizing ideas and concluded that the metal product is a much better alternative. During the design process, they developed the idea of making it a dual product: cookware & container. The original plan was to develop a square container, however, after countless improvements, they think a circular design will be much easier to clean, cook and boil. Needless to say, the ergonomic curvature can better suit individuals’ hands.

SimpleReal First Collapsible Stainless Steel Cookware heating

To make the design space-saving and functional, they went through many calculations to find the best solution for all the components. From latches to the handle, every element of SimpleReal cookware is practical and functional. The outcome has surpassed their expectation while they brought it the first time on camping. They are convinced that you will be satisfied with it as much as they are.

Reusability and recyclability, SimpleReal in collaboration wit Nature

You can use SimpleReal over and over again as soon as you clean it after usage. It will always stay like new, but you have to take proper care of it and you won’t regret owning it!

SImplereal, toxin free disches

Infinitely and fully recyclable – these are the main properties of stainless steel.

Permanent high quality, that does not release toxins in the environment. That was the main condition for releasing this product.

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