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SIRUI Jupiter | Full-frame Cine Lenses PL &EF Mount

Let me present You SIRUI Jupiter!

SIRUI Jupiter lens

One-of-a-kind macro full-frame cine prime lens set (24mm T2, 35mm T2, 50mm T2). Also, the 28-85mm T3.2 full-frame cine zoom, represents a fantastic bang for the buck given. They deliver excellent optical efficiency as well as high quality.

SIRUI Jupiter

The first macro lens established by SIRUI Jupiter includes 3 focal lengths.

SIRUI Jupiter
  • a 24mm T2,
  • a 35mm T2,
  • a 50mm T2.

 It covers full-frame and also larger electronic camera sensors with sharpness and minimal optical aberration. Use this lens collection on various expert camera systems.

To fulfill the need for close-ups and also macro shots, the minimum focus range is decreased to 0.24 m/0.79 feet. That way allows users to get very near to the subjects. As for the speed rate, all lenses feature a step-less aperture ring. And important to say, with a variety from T2 to T22. Using

SIRUI Jupiter in action

Wide-open at T2, the lens offers a nice shallow deepness of field. All that with impressive low light efficiency. Also, the 11-blade iris adds to a more rounded and smooth bokeh.

Optics are covered to aid in getting rid of veiling glare.

Sharpness, shade reproduction, distortion control, and also optical aberration control on this lens can be as good as high-end cine lenses. Believe me, even big-budget production can make excellent use of them.

All 3 prime lenses are comparable in dimension and weight. The uniform 92mm filter thread and equipment ease you a lot, you don’t have to move the gears when switching over lenses.

SIRUI Jupiter pl munt ef mount

SIRUI Jupiter Series is offered in PL/EF mount. This means they are compatible with the majority of professional cinema cameras on the market. E-mount and RF-mount adapters are supplied for usage on a wider series of full-frame mirrorless cameras. Ideal for a large-format video camera system, this 3x ratio zoom is the best-buy product on the market. Excellent quality and affordable price, that’s what counts, doesn’t it? Including sophisticated mechanical and optical construction along with sensational picture quality, it’s more than you asked. This zoom divide will certainly soon stand out on the market.

The Sirui JUPITER lens covers an extremely sensible zoom range.

Al the way from wide-angle to medium telephoto (28mm to 85mm). This substantially decreases the difficulties for filmmakers when heading out filming.

SIRUI Jupiter 3 x zoom

The picture is sharp without being excessively sharp. Definitely leaning more in the direction of a soft vintage look. The shift is smooth as well as natural. Combined with some pleasing bokeh in the background.

An aperture variety of T3.2 to T22 is used for specific exposure control. There is a thoughtful design such as a step-less aperture ring. With similar 0.8 mm pitch gears, this lens is great to use.

SIRUI Jupiter

A long focus throw of 259 ° is designed for precise and also smooth focus pulling. And, the focus ring includes a dual scale! With both feet and meters, making it easy to read the scale. Both for the operator, as well as the assistant. The metal body weighs 2.5kg. So, this lens looks extremely solid, and premium as well!

The R&D is really serious with their job. Taking care of the details such as a 1/4″ threaded opening, shims for back focus adjustment, and so on.

With the 28-85mm cine zoom, there is also made a special hard case. It meets IP67 ratings with PP alloy construction. This hard case offers total protection against extreme temperature levels, water, dirt, etc.

“SIRUI has been vigorously developing its own brand since its establishment in 2001. With strong scientific research strength, excellent manufacturing technology, and a mature marketing system, SIRUI has now developed into a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales.

To make itself one of the leading manufacturers of photographic equipment in China, SIRUI actively introduces advanced technology and various modern equipment and hires a group of outstanding R&D and sales talents. SIRUI’s sales network covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world, with more than 300 sales outlets.

Manufactured with high standards, SIRUI’s products have received numerous recognitions and awards at notable international events, including the German Redot Design Awards 2018, German Design Award 2018, CES 2019, and NAB Show 2019. SIRUI greatly appreciates the ongoing support from our users.

SIRUI has seen great success in the affordable anamorphic lens market. The macro prime lens set and 28-85mm cine zoom announced this time required more dedicated efforts. Nevertheless, the price of the Jupiter Series remains fairly competitive. We believe in the near future, more high-quality and affordable full-frame cine lenses developed by SIRUI will be seen on the market.”

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