Skout G2
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Skout G2 | Sling Harness for Camera, Bino’s or Drone Remote

Skout G2 is a re-design of the fan-favorite original sling style harness that can now carry a drone remote, binoculars, or a camera

Skout G2

SKOUT G2 the world’s most comfortable, secure, and accessible, Sling-Style camera, binocular, and drone remote harness.

It holds your optics close to your body so, nothing moves around. Active humans take note – SKOUT will ergonomically hug your core, allowing you to deploy your gear instantly and quietly.

The SKOUT’s key feature is its fixed-position carrying system. Their patented Twist & Lock mount secures your camera or binoculars, or their new Flytdeck, to your chest. SKOUT offers great stability and weight distribution while keeping your optics accessible.

SKOUT G2 for Camera is perfect for the active photographer.

Their Twist & Lock mechanism keeps your camera safe, secure, and totally accessible. In other words, SKOUT allows you to take your camera places that you never thought you would be able to take it!

Skout G2

SKOUT’s design for the camera is very simple. There are no moving parts that can break or make noise. Additionally, the interlocking hub receiver system is quiet, fast, and safe.

The Flytdeck drone bracket was designed by drone pilots, for drone pilots.

Skout G2

It allows you to focus on your flights instead of worrying about flight fatigue. The bracket locks securely into your SKOUT. Bearing the weight of your controller so that you can operate with both hands free. Your controller is fixed to the bracket using industrial-strength 3M adhesive. To demonstrate its patented dependability, they hung their own controller upside-down off of the tray for a week. It didn’t budge! The Flytdeck is perfect for those times when you are operating in a sketchy location and need a little extra security!

Skout G2

SKOUT Flytdeck is a machine-anodized aluminum attachment. The controller is secure using 3M technology. Four points of adjustment allow you to adjust the position of your controller as the moment demands.

SKOUT for binoculars is designed to be simple and quiet. Their Twist & Lock mechanism holds your binos safe, secure, and always at the ready. If you’re active with your gear and are tired of your binos whacking you in the chest while you move, SKOUT is for you.

Skout G2

Designed for the active photographer and outdoors person, SKOUT supports and secures your camera, controller, or binoculars. One turn of their patented Twist & Lock mount secures your gear in place, holding it snug to your body, and safe against theft.

Quick, quiet, and easy to secure.

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