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Sküma: Electrolyte enhanced water from home


The easiest method to improve immunity as well as get your wellbeing back is by doing what you do every day – Drinking Water.

easy to set Sküma

Welcome to the health change that you just will not be able to say NO! It is the Sküma.

Every person wishes to enjoy better health

All of us are familiar with the drill:

  • Eat better
  • Exercise more
  • Sleep early
3 buttons

Easy to say. Hard to do.

Changes and new resolutions are wonderful – ’till they stop happening!

Don’t try to guess what is in your water. Zoom in on the minerals you need most.

Sküma has a variety of electrolytes extracted for your well-being.

Their flagship liquid concentrate is 001, which contains Magnesium and Potassium.

These 2 minerals are an integral part of your diet yet become so hard to find in everyday foods.

magnesium and potassium chart

It’s a good place to start given that approximately 75% of Americans are not even close to their daily recommended consumption of magnesium.

With Sküma no installment required

Simply place Sküma on your kitchen counter. Fill out the water container.

Slot it back in and start drinking. Sküma’s commitment to an easy individual experience! No more complicated buttons or settings.

You just have 3 buttons to touch.

3 buttons
  • Temperature level:

95 ° C( 203°F) if you require boiling water for food preparation or developing light-medium roasts

85 ° C( 185°F )for dark roasts

75 ° C( 167°F) for tea

50 ° C( 122 ° F) for maximum body hydration

Cool temperature level by default

  • Volume:

250mL (8.45 oz) – One standard cup

350mL (11.83 oz) – A common cup

500mL (16.9 oz) – Bowls or refillable bottles 1000mL (33.81 oz) – Jugs or larger bottles

  • Dispense:

Press the water dispensing button: One for electrolyte water, or hold the button for 2 secs for pure reverse osmosis water without the minerals.

pressing Sküma to filter

Once you’ve chosen your temperature level and volume, it’s time for the best water you have ever had! Reverse osmosis systems are very effective at cleansing water. However, they are wasteful.

For every single liter of purified water, you’ll produce 4 liters of wastewater.

Sküma uses an innovative reverse osmosis innovation that reverses the ratio, saving a lot of water! As it’s good for the environment, it’s also good for your bill!

Sküma’s commitment to eco-friendly sustainability implies that “wastewater” isn’t in fact thrown away.

plants in wastewater

Wastewater is excellent for your plants as well as your yard. It fills out in a handy little container, which you can separate easily. That way you create full-circle sustainability!

watering plante with Sküma wastewater

Regular reverse osmosis systems use 3 separate cartridges for filtration.

Sküma’s “3-in-1” super-filter is super-effective

When you buy Sküma’s health-boosting electrolyte water, you’re saving money, time, and kitchen counter space!

For your convenience, you’ll just have to change one cartridge, every 12 months without any maintenance.

All while reducing waste and making the tiniest carbon footprints.

Love recycling? They do too!

Sküma’s mineral concentrate is delivered in a reusable glass bottle.

You can utilize it for anything – but they developed these with propagating your plants in mind!

Water them with your “wastewater”.

Each bottle of liquid concentrate will infuse 550 mugs of water with essential electrolytes.

550 mugs with Sküma

At simply 9 cents a cup, that’s a financial investment both for you and your family!

Back in history to explain!

All mammals have an ancient instinct. Also, innate longing for electrolytes to keep them going.

Ever seen deer, or cows gathering around a salt lick?

Humans are the same. As hunter-gatherers, our ancestors would look for minerals through food as well as water.

About 14,500 years ago, the very first settlements arrived at the Great Basin.

Utah’s Great Salt Lake came to be an essential source of nutrition for these hunter-gatherers.

Formed in the late Pleistocene Epoch, around 30,000 years ago, Utah’s Great Salt Lake is one of the globe’s saltiest “bodies of water”. It’s salted since it does not have an outlet.

Small, connected streams, as well as rivers, constantly bring in small amounts of dissolved salt as they flow.

wild animal in snow

When the water is in the Great Salt Lake, it evaporates, leaving only the salt. With also different, important minerals.

In this way, more than 2 million tons of minerals are added to the lake every year.

Because the water has no place to go, thousand of years’ well concentrated, and powerful nutrients remain in the lake.

 We do no longer discover essential electrolytes as in The Great Salt Lake. Modern food and water are depleted.

3 out of 4 people suffer from an electrolyte inbalance

Monoculture, climate modification, and also over-processing have actually resulted in a nutrient deficiency in the contemporary age.

The food you consume today has lower degrees of nutrients. The food your moms and dads, as well as grandparents consumed, was much more nutrient-dense.

Amazingly, 60% of the American diet is made from ultra-processed foods.

The more ultra-processed foods you eat, the reduced your levels of vitamins A, C, D, and E, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium as well as calcium.

what you get with Sküma

At the same time, your tap water consists of added chemicals like:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Aluminum sulfate

In addition to heavy metals and also pollutants such as:

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Arsenic

Reverse osmosis

By doing this process you get rid of pollutants from your water and also the strong taste of chemicals. However, it additionally strips away every single electrolyte in your water, leaving you with what is basically battery water.

water purification

It’s the best water – if you’re an automobile! Certain, it still satiates your thirst. But there is nothing in reverse osmosis water that can bring to your health.

The elegance of Sküma is two-fold:

reverse osmosis, zero waste, electrolytes
  • Sküma uses reverse osmosis innovation to remove every little thing you should not be drinking.
  • Then includes vital electrolytes right into your consumption water.

All with a tap of a button!

Sküma in kitchen

Your body is normally made to absorb trace elements in food and also water.

The less complicated the food is to break down, the more efficiently your body will absorb nutrients.

Water is for that reason a suitable vehicle for essential nutrient transportation.

Sküma’s concentrate liquid

This liquid guarantees you get an exact mixture of electrolytes in every single glass.

Using Sküma indicates you get to pick the electrolytes you want from our selection of all-natural, highly concentrated formulations.

This is the only liquid re-mineralization reverse osmosis system on the planet. It offers you the best taste, color, odor as well as electrolyte levels. Every single time!

minerals chart

Anybody that drinks water will benefit from Sküma!

Sküma’s crisp, clean taste, well-balanced electrolytes, and trustworthy consistency make it an ideal drink!

If you’re a:

black Sküma

Coffee nerd that depends on crystal clear water with a precise mineral mix for the perfect brew.

The runner that sweats a lot with running.

Truth to be told -every ingle individual wants to remain hydrated and renewed…

After cold flu, or simply intend to remain healthy and balanced during influenza period.

Sküma is here for you!

Sküma logo

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