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skyBOX | Credit Card Size Wireless SSD Storage

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Organize, share & edit on-the-go | 1-touch back up | Up to 2200MB/s read & write speed | 4TB storage

Skybox is the all-in-one portable SSD storage with built-in wireless connectivity and universal compatibility, ensures effortless streaming and backup of photos, videos, and music files from and to any of your mobile devices, cameras, or drones. It is a must-have item for professional photographers/ videographers/ content creators who prefer to travel light without a laptop.

  • Pocket Size: Fit in your pocket or bag easily without any hassle. Best choice for photographers, videographers, content artists, or general public using smartphones and cameras.
  • One-Touch Copy: Quickly perform copy without your laptop, smartphone, or tablet just in one touch, copying 64GB SD card only takes a few minutes.
  • Wi-Fi 6 connectivity: The latest Wi-Fi technology, 40% faster than Wi-Fi 5.
  • Wireless Streaming/ Sharing: Carry your portable media library effortlessly. Browse, stream and share your media easily.
  • Skybox App & Integrations: Intuitive user interface to access your files through mobiles/ ipads/ laptops easily. You may integrate with third-party app to create and edit your work.
  • 2200MB/s High-speed Transfer: With USB-C 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface, the maximum transfer speed is up to 2200MB/s.
  • Large Capacity: With up to build-in 4TB capacity, you will no longer have worry about running out of storage.

Skybox can hold up to 4TB worth of data, giving you massive space & optimal flexibility to create content, back up work files, and enjoy games.

Option to upgrade your Skybox to a personal Cloud. Leave Skybox at home and still access the files when you are on-the-go.

Skybox is designed to be lightweight and no bigger than a credit card. You will be no hassle whether working as a photographer, videographer, content artist, or just using smartphone and camera in general. With Skybox,  you no longer have to worry about running out of storage.

No laptops or software required. You just need to insert SD card/USB drive, and press one button to copy. Then, Skybox will begin backing up your files instantly. With UHS-II, Skybox can back up files with up to 300MB/s, which means It takes only around 3-5 mins to back up a 64GB SD card.

Skybox uses 802.11ax WiFi (Wi-Fi 6) , the next generation standard in WiFi technology. Wi-Fi 6 is designed to improve speed, increase efficiency and reduce congestion in heavy bandwidth usage scenarios. It is 40% faster than the current Wi-Fi 5 standard

With the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, Skybox caters your peer-to-peer transfer needs quickly and securely. Skybox can connect multiple devices simultaneously within the Wi-Fi range. You and your friends can access your media library together, making streaming/sharing your files much easier.

No matter you are using Android, Apple, or PC, Skybox is compatible to your needs.

We are now offering two versions of Skybox. One for more professional uses and one for those who prefer a more affordable option.

Skybox Pro offers the maximum storage capacity with 4TB SSD memory and ultra-fast 2200MB/s transfer speed, recommended for photographers, videographers, journalists, content creators & frequent travelers etc.

Skybox offers a more economic version with 512GB/ 1TB/ 2TB storage options and 900MB/s standard transfer speed, which is suitable for business traveler & your daily office works.

Skybox Pro has up to 2200 MB/s Read & Write Speed, while Skybox has up to 900MB/s..

Skybox Pro performs high-speed data transferring makes it the best competitor in the market. The M.2 NVMe is virtually 4x faster than SATA SSDs and 20x faster than traditional HDDs performance. It just take seconds to transfer a 40GB video.  With Skybox, you can enjoy the most efficienct data transferring experience. 

Skybox can actually do more than you could expect. Our team has designed SkyCloud, to extends the functions to a higher level. A SkyCloud set will include a Skybox and a SkyCloud Dock with ethernet port and a type-c connector. 

Just connect Skybox with your ethernet cable and leave it at home. Skybox will then act as your personal Cloud. And you can access the files when you are on-the-go. You will not miss your saved photos, videos, or documents even when you forget to carry your Skybox.

Skybox will be using the the World’s First Mobile Wi-Fi 6E chip, Broadcom’s BCM43684. This latest chips offer outstanding performance including lower latency, higher throughput, and the availability of more number of 160 MHz channels. Thanks to its 16nm process technology and architectural improvements, Skybox will enjoy additional power efficiency too.


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