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Sleep I Mask | Deep sleep trainer and Body conditioner

Smart wearable gadget to help you get a full night’s rest using CES technology

The state-of-the-art CES technology produces sleep-triggering hormones and maximize your sleeping condition.

Many people visit clinics every year while paying a lot of money to ease their sleep problems. The cost per session can range from $100 to $1000.  

In fact, according to the statistics, more than 7 million Americans are suffering from insomnia and other sleep-related problems.

The after effects of these problems can vary with stress, lowered concentration, weakened immune system and bad skin.

The number of those who are suffering from sleepless nights continue to increases annually, and of course, they want to solve this life-debilitating problem, and we want to help them.

Introducing the Sleep I Mask

It’s difficult to change your busy lifestyle. A lot of us like to stay up late, but then we still want a full night’s rest.

Sleep I Mask is designed for home use, so it is compact and mobile. It’s an amazing device that helps provide a high quality night’s sleep and body conditioning any place, anytime.

Not only that, it helps the frequent flyers who suffer from jet-lag to overcome their sleepiness. Basically, the Sleep I Mask can help anybody who’s sleep deprived.

Enjoy a better life with Sleep I Mask, which is powered by CES technology. It will give you a higher quality of life!

The state-of-the-art CES technology produces sleep-triggering hormones and maximize your sleeping condition.

At the same time, it diminishes the amount of cortisol, which, in turn, reducing stress and improves your immune system.

The impact of CES technology have been examined in many theses and the FDA approved it to be safe and effective stimulation for cranial use.

Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest problems that people are experiencing today.

It can be difficult to fall asleep after a long and stressful day. Although we eventually sleep, it’s not the good ol’ deep sleep that we need. And the vicious cycle repeats!

Serotonin is one of the neurotransmitters in the brain. This hormone provides a sense of stability, psychological satisfaction and happiness.

It transforms to melatonin at night, controlling our daily rhythm to keep us healthy by producing enough sleep hormones which make us experience REM in the deep levels of sleep.

After surveying 3000 Americans, 65% of them are stressed out and 70% of them have reported that their stress is caused by economic and daily life crises by COVID-19.

Sleep I Mask reduces cortisol production by stimulating cerebral nerves through CES technology, which is proven to lower stress levels.

Don’t wait, please start body conditioning today!

Sleeping problems exacerbate concentration and work inefficiency. Sleep I Mask helps you get a full nights rest, which in so doing, improves the power of concentration.

Great for athletes and students, as it accelerates performance in the field of study or sport!

It is our sincere guarantee that your life will never be the same with the Sleep I Mask.

Do you get tired easily? Do you experience fatigue? Then you need to experience the power of deep sleep.

Deep sleep doesn’t work only for sleep problems like insomnia.

It increases helper T cells and NK cells which are immunocytes.

As a result, a full night’s rest helps with high blood pressure and cardiac disorders caused by insomnia and at the same time, it improves your immune system.

Have you ever experienced skin breakouts due to lack of sleep? Now you can take control of your outbreaks!

It is unavoidable, you will have a decrease in collagen and moisture if you do not get enough sleep.

Sleep I Mask, which uses CES technology, sends micro-currents inside the cells to activate protein synthesis. It also increases oxygen transmission by a rate of 40%.

Recover your skin’s health by fluent protein synthesis and moisturize your skin through a healthy amount of oxygen transmission.

Sleep I Mask is small and portable, so it’s great for home use or for on the go! You can just wear it while you’re watching TV, washing dishes and even when you’re sitting on the couch, doing nothing.

Do you go on a lot of business trips and need to adapt to the time difference? Or are you too sensitive to escape your own bed?

Do not hesitate to take the Sleep I Mask wherever you go because it is compact and handy but still powerful enough to help you overcome the effects of jet-lag

All you need to do is just bring it with you and wear it. You’ll find yourself refreshed and rejuvenated the next day.

CES (Cranial Electric Stimulation) is a type of brain stimulation. This brain electro-stimulation changes the functions of your cranial nervous system by using the same amount of energy that is used in electric or magnetic fields. 

This stimulation leads to the changes of brainwaves and amount of hormones produced.

CES transmits weak alternating currents destined to the brain passing through electrodes situated in the ear canal, maxillary larynx junction, mastoid and temple. Next, CES affects the brain synapse hormone production by participating in the limbic system, reticular activating system and hypothalamus.

It is observed that the amount of brain synapse hormones such as serotonin, beta-endorphin and melatonin increases after CES therapy.

These hormones are deeply connected with emotion control and sleeping problems, and it is proven to be effective for sleeping difficulties especially when the amount of serotonin and melatonin increases.

Aside from this astonishing impact, CES reduces existing cortisol in the blood and changes the brainwaves positively.

Two electric poles are used to send electric stimuli to your brain which produce melatonin and serotonin; these help you to fall asleep. (Gilla, 2004)

This electricity is harmless and is already produced by the brain. It also reduces cortisol levels which means less stress. This helps improve your immune system which can, in turn, prevent other illnesses.

The credibility of CES is validated through the change of cranial nerves confirmed by f-MRIs

CES technology is clinically proven and approved by the FDA.

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