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Sleepout | The Sleep-Improving Portable Blackout Curtain

A patented, portable OEKO-TEX® 100% blackout curtain that blocks light bleeds and installs anywhere for better sleep.

Have you noticed you sleep better in the dark? Night shift day sleepers, troubled sleepers, toddler & baby sleepers, and the rest of us could all benefit from a dark sleep environment.

The Sleepout is the first portable blackout curtain that installs on windows in seconds and blocks out light bleeds to make any room 100% dark. By blocking the curtain on light bleeds you’ll get comfortable and get some rest.  The patented Sleepout Curtain is produced with high-quality, 100% blackout material.  It features locking suction cups and Sleepout Pads for you to adjust the curtain to any window and block any light bleeds – even better than traditional blackout curtains.  

You can install it without any tools in seconds. If you need to take it down, the Sleepout Curtain is light enough to fold up and take with you.

Better sleep anywhere. With Sleepout.

These locking, industrial-grade suction cups feature a unique mechanism that creates a vacuum to hold the curtain in place securely. The suction cups are designed with a sloped shape to eliminate light bleeds from the top of the curtain. So, it won’t damage or leave any marks on your windows. 

These cups will stay up until you decide to take them down.

Their proprietary Sleepout Pads have an exclusive new adhesive technology that is reusable and residue-free.  

This was the hardest part about creating a solution for darkness anywhere! Even small amounts of light make a difference.

The pads stick to any surface like magic, including wood, drywall, glass, concrete, and even fabric without damaging the surface. They block out the annoying light bleeds that keep you tossing and turning, creating pitch-black darkness anywhere.

The Sleepout Curtain is lightweight at only 1.5 pounds and folds up to the size of a paperback book. The curtain also comes with a beautiful 100% cotton twill travel bag making it easy to pack and carry whenever you’re on the go.

The Sleepout Curtain completely darkens a room using the highest-quality, OEKO-TEX® 100% blackout material. Therefore, allowing you to achieve a deeper and more restorative sleep.

Mark Coombs and Hannah Brennen created Sleepout because they slept better in complete darkness.


Mark suffered for years from insomnia and needed to have every room he slept in pitch black. Hannah, well, Hannah dealt with towels and even garbage bags being taped to windows until she finally had enough.

They bought all the products available and tried everything — blackout fabric on shower curtain rods that left massive gaps of light, baby products that fell down overnight, and even jeans and duct tape that tore the paint off their walls.


Mark and Hannah knew if they were suffering from this problem, other people were too. They talked to parents, travelers, and shift workers, tested tons of different materials and adhesives, and left their 9-5 jobs in tech and consulting to create something that actually solved the problem. This became the inspiration for the creation of the Sleepout Curtain, a portable blackout curtain that functions better than other blackout curtains, blocks out light bleeds and it has high-quality materials.

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