Smell Inspector | E-Nose Developer’s Kit and End-User Gadget

Smell Inspector: E-Nose Developer's Kit and End-User Gadget

Explore your own smell-related applications!

Smell Inspector is a developer’s kit and ready-to-use digital nose gizmo in one. For anyone working on smart systems – from developers or researchers to tinkerers. Promptly functional for producers that intend to control their manufacturing environment as well as the quality of their products.

A smell inspector is an electronic nose, which works with the same concept as a human nose. Train it and produce your own particular usage situation for single gases, gas mixes, or scents.

The device includes Smell Board iX16×4 with four Smell iX16 detectors, it can be attached to a computer, tablet, or smart device, as well as run with the Smell Annotator software application. Suitable with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Smell Inspector: E-Nose Developer's Kit and End-User Gadget

Smell Board iX16x4

Digital board with 4 Smell iX16 detector chips, offering the complete capability to review signals from all 64 individual detectors every 1.8 s and send them out in ASCII format. Can be incorporated right into various mobile or fixed appliances.

Smell iX16

This is their core development: The very first multi-channel gas detector chip made to dominate the mass market. The sensing unit components contain fine-tuned carbon nanomaterials that make the chip very delicate, tiny, energy-efficient, as well as economical. There are four Smell iX16 detector chips on the digital board. The present variation has 64 detectors (16 channels per detector chip) with a size of less than 1sqmm (0.08 sq inch) each. Additional miniaturization and/or enhancing the number of detectors can easily be done. The detector chip Smell iX16 only requires 1 µW of power supply. It can therefore be powered by different host devices, power harvesters, or batteries. Smell iX16 is created for usage in limitless miniaturized digital and IoT applications in different locations. The detector chip has a high level of sensitivity to various gases and VOCs.

Smell Inspector: E-Nose Developer's Kit and End-User Gadget

Smell Annotator

Smell Annotator is an AI-based software application utilized to find, annotate and digitize smells with the Smell Inspector in addition to identify annotated smells. Digital odor patterns are generated by 64 independent gas detectors. Through artificial intelligence, their modern technology discovers to acknowledge particular smells. This can be contrasted to the way information is processed in their olfactory system. The odor is at first collected and evaluated in the olfactory bulb. For recognition and remembering the cortical brain areas obtain included. This evolves over our entire life with an increasing number of „data” refined. The same concept is realized in the Smell Inspector supported with the Smell Annotator software program which uses artificial intelligence algorithms. Currently, Windows and Linux systems are supported. Android and iOS will follow.

Single Pack: Pick a single Smell Inspector Developer’s Kit to develop your unique smell-related application and begin the digital smell revolution.

Explorer Set: Connect to your buddies, makers, developers, researchers and also choose your Explorer Set to invent excellent smell-related applications and products in a typical, open, and innovative lab environment. To keep you going, they provide you with an added set of iX16 Detector chips instantly.

Education and Learning Package: Order this for your trainees in mathematics, informatics, and natural sciences, and also offer them a wonderful tool for their college or university projects

Smell Inspector: E-Nose Developer's Kit and End-User Gadget

Smell Annotator Environment

Their analytic software program Smell Annotator is supplied with Smell Inspector. It can be used to view, annotate and also store dimensions of the Smell Inspector. In all cases, you will certainly obtain life access to data from all 64 gas detector networks at the same time. Odor acknowledgment based on their pre-set information collection will be readily available for a minimal collection of smells and gases. Smell Annotator is a development tool! Expand your smell data collection as well as show your Smell Inspector to acknowledge new fragrances and their compositions! You may run and evaluate your very own AI-based software as well.

Arduino™ and Raspberry Pi™

Smell Inspector works with sketches, tutorials, and resources available for the Arduino and Raspberry Pi area in addition to all the guards, sensors, and also actuators for Arduino as well as Raspberry Pi DUE available on the market. You can therefore develop a brand-new tool or incorporate it with a currently existing arrangement.

Smell Inspector: E-Nose Developer's Kit and End-User Gadget

DIY – With Smell Inspector you can easily build your own smell-related application

Want to develop a bad trash alert, an onion detector, or check out the air in your living environment? Smell Inspector allows you to produce lots of smell-related projects and share them with the community. Incorporating the adaptability of Arduino™ or Raspberry Pi™ with the power of AI-based software application, you can produce great deals of smell-related services.

Execution – You can integrate the Smell Inspector or simply the Smell Board iX16x4 right into great deals of devices.

Smell Board iX16x4 can seek hazardous gases and find leakages in hazardous settings. The Smell Board iX16x4 weighs 45g, functions stably on a flying drone, and sending out extensive info on its atmosphere every 1.8 secs, correctly detects the gases despite functioning propellers. The innovation currently enables the identification of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gas sources. The sensing unit is additionally being trained for various other unsafe gases and VOCs.

Smell iX16 and Smell Inspector can be used across multiple industries:

  • Material: VOCs and off-gassing detection 
  • Food: aroma profiling, food safety, food consistency and quality
  • Substances: production monitoring
  • Transport: drugs and explosives detection
  • Consumer Goods: toxic or hazardous VOCs detection
  • Manufacturing: integrated line monitoring for work and product safety 
  • Environment: air quality measurement
  • Household: indoor air quality and ventilation control 
  • Industry: monitoring of outgassing behavior of materials, work safety
Smell Inspector: E-Nose Developer's Kit and End-User Gadget

Their main goals are;

  • To introduce an ingenious product with disruptive modern technology to the marketplace.
  • Offer a low-priced embedded platform for smell detection and recognition.
  • Offer companies a great tool for rapid prototyping of products related to smell
  • Enable designers, researchers, developers, manufacturers, tinkerers, software program designers… to produce brand-new product or services in relation to the smell
  • Give the boost to the maker´s world/DIY community
  • Accumulate a globally developer’s community for smell related applications
  • Develop a globe’s biggest electronic smell database

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