SMILE | The Modular Shelf Made Entirely Of Chopsticks

Made of 4276 recycled chopsticks for individuals who love high-end sustainable, minimalist and eco-friendly design.

We are delighted to introduce you to SMĪLE. Made of 4,276 recycled chopsticks, SMĪLE is the proof that eco-friendly minimalism can look beautiful and be durable. And become the furniture that suits your home and office.

By ensuring sustainable design practices and relying on a circular economy, each SMĪLE shelf is carbon negative — gathering the raw materials and building your shelf stores more CO2 from the environment than it takes to make and deliver it!

SMĪLE saves space through the clean minimalist lines of its modular design. No matter the interior, SMĪLE is the perfect frame to highlight the things you love.

Enjoy the flexibility and freedom to build your own unique SMĪLE shelving system. Add the lightness and the fine blend of its history-infused iconic modern design to your home or office.

Its bespoke design is a conversation starter. Simple. Striking. Serene. Stylish.

     And who thought you could hang chopsticks on the wall? We did, with a SMĪLE.


SMĪLE comes in 3 color palettes that highlight their beautiful surface properties. After processing, your shelves are coated in a vegetable-based and environmentally-friendly oil to enhance these unique wooden patterns. Mix and match them to create a unique look for your place.

Each base SMĪLE is made up of 2 components: the recycled steel frames, and the recycled chopstick boards.

How you put them together is up to you and your space!

Hang anywhere from 1 to 5 shelves on your frames, combine colors and sizes, and mix and match different units to create a timeless design that fits your home or office space. Unlock your creativity and let modularity inspire you!


Not every room is the same. And SMĪLE knows it!

      Minimalist design, maximized storage space, endless configurations… SMĪLE comes in 3 sizes to suit any interior. Simply select from the S, M or L sizes and combine them to build the shelf your space deserves.

You can make a positive change

Sustainability is an achievable goal. And there are easy, practical ways in which you can make a difference. In your environment. In your city. In your home.

     Even with something as small as a chopstick.

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