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Sockwa X10 | Feel the Ground

A barefoot, minimalist shoe that’s designed to let your feet do what they’re meant to do

Sockwa X10 | Feel the Ground

The minimal sneaker thats giving the power back to your feet. Minimal puncture-ressistant, breathable and flexible.

With 20000 nerve endings, 107 ligaments, 33 joints, 26 bones, and 19 muscles – your feet matter!

One quarter of the bones and joints in your entire body are in your feet. That means your feet are meant to move, bend and flex. And they are making sure they do exactly that.

Sockwa X10 is bringing you the barefoot experience. With an ultra-thin 3.5mm outsole, X10 lets you really feel the ground you’re walking on.

Sockwa X10 | Feel the Ground

Changing the way you think about shoes.

Sporty minimalist design so you can easily transition from a morning hike to brunch with friends.

Anti-slip makes a great grip so you don’t have to worry about slipping. Slip-on, slips on easily for an added convenience. Adaptable fabric that adapts to your foot for ultimate comfort. Machine washable – cold wash in a laundry net bag for easy cleaning.

They are ZeroDrop Design with a non-elevated heel mimics barefoot walking and promotes proper posture

Your feet support your entire body, they need to be strong

What’s so great about the Sockwa X10 minimalist shoe?

  • They excersise your feet

When your feet can move, bend and flex it means they can also get some much needed excersice

And thinner outsole encreases a stimulus to the foot muscles which strenghtensthe foot and ankle, improves foot function and decreases foot injury

  • They stimulate proprioceptive feedback

The thick outsoles in regular shoes cu off the information that your brain is looking for from the bottom of your feet to know how to effectivly and efficiently move your body

Sockwa X10’s thin outsole allows you to better feel the ground ou’re on, sending messages to the brain that help you achieve better body awareness, better balance, improved overall body strenght, inreased agility and better posture

  • They are natural feet

Normal shoes sit thight across the forefoot, creating the uncomfortable shoe coffin

X10’s wide toe boxes let your toes naturally spread out horisontally and vertically and relax

  • They allow for natural foot movement

The 3.5mm outsole paired with the shoes flexibility enable your feet to bend and flex as if you were barefoot

Sockwa X10 | Feel the Ground

Quick dry – rain and puddles can’t stop you. Sockwa X10is quick dry, for all day long comfort, no matter where you are

Breathable and odorless – Aeroprene upper fabric transfers excessive moisture away from the body, making it breathable and odorless

Laced – Laces reduce lateral movement within the shoe

Sockwa X10 | Feel the Ground

The flexible puncture-resistant insole. Slip them in your shoe for added protection!

Sockwa X10’s are available puncture-resistant insoles that are made of superstrong aramid fibers that are 15x stronger than steel.

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