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Sofabaton X1 | Most Versatile Universal ALL-IN-ONE Smart Remote

Ultra-universal remote control for all your entertainment and home devices. Eliminate clutter and enjoy convenient control.

Introducing Sofabaton X1, the ultimate all-in-one remote-control solution. Now, Sofabaton X1 universal remote conveniently connects all your media entertainment with a single powerful remote. Less mess, more fun, and total control in your life.

Sofabaton X1 remote is universally compatible with virtually all brands of audio and video equipment. Connects with up to 500,000 different home devices including TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, TV & cable boxes, gaming consoles, Apple TV Roku, and more.  Seamlessly switch between devices via a scroll wheel and 2-inch display to enjoy convenient control with ease.


Simplify your life with custom macro button activity functions. Want to watch a movie on the projector screen? With Sofabaton X1, a series of required actions can be performed with a single click. Lower the curtain – turn on the projector – switch to AV mode – turn on the amplifier and more, all at the press of a single button. Easy, convenient, and enjoyable.

Equipped with a wireless hub and intelligent App, you can control all of your devices without pointing directly. Connect your devices using IR, WLAN, or Bluetooth mode, to eliminate the need for line of sight control. Now, you can freely control your devices from anywhere in the home.


Sofabaton X1 supports IR or Bluetooth connection with up to 500,000 devices including TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, TV & cable boxes, gaming consoles, Apple TV, Roku, and more.

Now, you can freely control your devices from anywhere in the home.

Adding devices to the hub simply via an intelligent APP instantly turns your phone into a backup remote. Can’t find the remote anywhere before a football game? Don’t worry! Get your phone out and quickly get everything under “control”. You won’t miss out on anything!

Sofabaton X1 is Alexa and Google Assistant compatible. In other words, you can control various devices by voice commands as if you are casting a magical spell.


 *This feature is currently under development, will upgrade through OTA to realize control after you receive it.

Transform your wishes into reality in 3 simple steps. First of all, you just need to connect Wi-Fi with the Hub on App. Second, add your media devices to the App. Then you can create your personalized activity scenarios.

Sofabaton X1 utilizes a small screen featuring a scroll wheel with an ergonomic design that can seamlessly switch between 50 devices, quickly navigate through the menu, and enhances the efficiency of human-appliance interaction.


Instead of adopting a responsive touch screen their all-in-one remote control has a 2-inch giant display. It automatically sleeps and wakes up as needed, resolves the power consumption of the large screen, and adjusts the sensitivity of the touch screen.

Energy-efficient rechargeable lithium polymer batteries increase the working time to 60 days of typical usage. The greater longevity is convenient and provides worry-free control.

Howe has been involved in technology research and development for more than 10 years, and he is well aware of the common flaws of universal remote-control products currently on the market. Motivated by this, he created his own brand: Sofabaton, and dedicated himself to exploring, developing, and improving this industry to create a better experience for users.

Unfortunately, Logitech Harmony, a reputable industry leader, has announced that it has abandoned the universal remote-control business. Moreover, Sofabaton, a group of hardcore fans of audio-visual products, decided to step forward as the new leaders of remote-control devices and provide users better features, more convenience, and ultimate control for their components.


In 2019, the Sofabaton team developed Sofabaton U1 universal remote control, which is targeted at single-device switching control.

Despite the absence of a Hub and the lack of support for Activity control, the industry is still recognizing it as the new standard in universal remotes. Many enthusiastic users have given them feedback and provided many good suggestions to help the products continuing optimization. Unfortunately, there are some suggestions that U1 cannot adopt because of hardware limitations.

Now, Sofabaton is launching X1, which is targeted at multi-device scenario-based Activity control, while adding a wireless Hub, which they believe can better meet the needs of power users.

Firstly, they want the setup to be elementary. A complex configuration process can seriously impact the user’s experience. They want the app to be simple enough that users don’t need to suffer by learning too much before setting it up.

Secondly, it is supposed to function with highly efficient human-appliance interaction from the viewpoint of the customized Activity function. Competitors’ products featuring touchscreens cannot solve problems such as the power consumption of the large screen, and the unintuitive operation of the small screen when using the touch screen. Therefore, they have adopted their small screen featuring a scroll wheel. Not only saving power but also enhancing the efficiency of human-appliance interaction.

And lastly, the design should be simple.

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