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Splay | The 2 in 1 Portable Display and Projector

2 Game-changing products -1 Splay

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Splay changes between the biggest portable display screen and also the only ultra-short-throw pico projector in no time. Made from patent-granted technology, including the world’s only display material that completely increases and folds. And he does that in all directions! Splay is your best companion for active days, fun trips, and a lot more. It doubles up both as an expanding screen with an amazing 24.5-inch angled screen dimension. But also as a portable projector. It has an ultra-short throw range and is also bright, FHD, 1920×1080 quality. You get 2 game-changing items in 1 product!

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Bright, full HD pico projector

Pico’s ultra-short-throw projection range manages you to get a larger photo in a smaller room. In projector mode, Splay has an auto upright keystone, so if you turn the projector upwards, the image automatically fixes. This is not just a portable projector, it also doubles up as a fully portable screen compatible with your smart device, computer, or gaming device. It’s the largest portable display on the market at 24.5″. With as much as 4 hours of battery life and also ultra-bright 800 nits, you don’t have to stress it over and work carefree indoors or outdoors.

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Splay is leveled up when we talk about portable projectors and displays

Utilized with 3 patented cutting-edge technologies Splay rises from the competition. Collaborating with a leading nano-materials science research center, they developed (and also patented!) the first projection screen material that substantially reduces creases when collapsed. No other display screen can fold up and also expand in all directions! Integrated with the tension used by the arms, this guarantees a flat, sturdy screen that gives a top-notch image!

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When compared to classic vinyl and also plasticizer-based projector screens on the market, Splay’s screen will remain wrinkle-free. No matter how many times it’s folded and unfolded! Fabric-based displays are hefty, often challenging to set up, and also have awful rear-projection image quality. That happens because the holes in the material make it impossible to evenly disperse the light.

In collaboration with the established projecting engine company, they developed the only ultra-short-throw pico projector. All other mobile projectors under 5 pounds weight, require 3x or even more the projection distance as Splay. All other ultra-short-throw projectors, around 5 pounds or more, and also occupy much more quantity than Splay. Splay is only 2.5 pounds heavy.

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Having to discover the ideal place for a standard projector can be a real bother

You have to set it far enough from your wall to make sure that the picture is big and also clear enough. Important is that it’s above everyone’s heads, so you do not get head shadows on your picture! Splay’s ultra-short-throw distance implies you can get a bright, large, clear image with him being simply a couple of feet away from the surface.

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Through years of R&D, they created the only expandable display screen mechanics. Quickly and durably expanding a flat, the tensioned screen may seem to you simple. However, it’s not! Conventional projector screens take a long-time to set up (a quick configuration is generally around 10 mins) and straighten to the projector. With Splay, you’re good to go in a few seconds. Splay’s patented retractable arms are extremely resilient and easy to use!

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Splay isn’t the only portable screen or projector on the marketplace, but it is the largest

Also, it is the only ultra-short-throw pico projector. Splay stacks up well with the competition while offering much more. That’s a result of their copyrighted expandable display technology.

Splay is small and compact, but it packs a huge punch! Its lightweight design and also bright, FHD resolution make it stand out from the rest. Not to mention, it’s a best-buy with its less portable, but a similar, ultra-short-throw projector. Also, you get a fairly large as well as reasonably mobile display.

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They built Splay from the ground up with the lessons they learned from making SPUD, to make the best portable display The greater resolution, increased brightness, lighter-weight, re-imagined design, a new projector setting, and also 30% smaller when folded.

Splay is a huge upgrade!

With their significant upgrades on the projector (as a result of an R&D partnership with the leading pocket projector manufacturer) and also flexible projection display material (due to R&D collaboration with a leading material science research institute), you can use Splay in a much brighter atmosphere than our initial item, SPUD!

Using Splay couldn’t be simpler. Simply expand the display or place your projector, plug in your HDMI wire (or wireless HDMI adapter) and you can switch it on!

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It has a built-in battery and up to 4-hour battery life. You can also use Splay as a power bank.

Splay works great with any HDMI gadget, including your Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation.

Use Splay to enhance your work setup – make him a second display or offer yourself a big, bright screen for presentations/meetings.

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Make your trips unforgettable. Have an impromptu movie night, or make sure you don’t miss the big game!

How does Splay’s high quality compare to conventional LCD-based displays?

It’s pretty simple, less direct light hitting Splay, the much better it will look. Splay is a lot closer to LCD than our first item, SPUD. It has a bigger resolution and brightness from advances in our display material and technology!

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Given that Splay has the fastest focal length (e.g. throw ratio) of any type of mobile projector, it easily fits on the majority of work desks.

The distance from the front of the projector to the screen is 7.5 inches. The size of Splay’s chassis is 6.3 inches (e.g. 13.8-inches in total). For comparison, a 17-inch laptop generally has a depth of around 10-inches, 15-inch around 9.5-inches, and also 13-inch around 8.5-inches.

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