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SPORTSMATE 5 | An AI-powered Consumer Exoskeleton


Introducing SPORTSMATE 5, the world’s first wearable robotic exoskeleton


Made for humans, it’s portable and very light! With form-fitting performance makes every stride comfy with controlled resistance and also aid to attain your physical fitness achievements. From distance to strength training, SPORTSMATE 5 covers everything.

outdoor  SPORTSMATE 5

Exoskeletons of this nature have existed for years for the army, industrial, as well as rehabilitation fields. Those styles are bulky, hefty, expensive, and made for singular usage cases. They’re applying exoskeletons to daily life, changing the way you interact with the world!

Exactly how does SPORTSMATE 5 apply to your life?

It’s easy. There are 2 effective actuators at your hips on the exoskeleton. These give help when you need to retain power. Also, aim to go physically further. As for resistance, it has great support when you train on muscle mass. Two modes are developed for quick usage.

  • Outdoor mode: Switch between Assistance & Resistance
  • Fitness mode: Switch between Resistance in forms of extension & flexion
outdoor mode

Support from the 2 actuators raises your legs as well as press them onward. That way, every step further is light as air. You will feel much easier while strolling, going upstairs as well as uphill. Get rid of gulping air, sweating all over, and slow walking. Resistance to open space increases your stability by holding your body. Also absorbs the shaking while going downstairs or downhill. In brief, the outdoor setting of SPORTSMATE 5 aids helps a lot. Its lowers pressure & ups distance as well as allows you to maximize the enjoyment of outside activities. Such as hiking, trekking, backpacking, mountaineering…

fitness mode

Fitness mode concentrates on melting extra calories and putting on even more muscle mass! You have more stamina in less time with a conventional workout routine. Resistance forms of their exoskeleton: extension and flexion. You are complimentary to choose the resistance that fits your regular. For extraordinary results, for instance, select extension resistance. On the other hand: do half-squats to train your gluteal muscle. Also, use flexion resistance on the leg. So you get elevating training to strengthen the hamstring tendon.


Weight Training Device

Quick detachable, Approximately 15kg weight lifting assistance.

easy to put on

The accessories can be quickly put together to Sportsmate 5. After that, you can put on the device as usual, and fasten the shoulder strap of the weight-lifting accessory. After that, the device can help you in straightening your back up during weight training to make sure that you can feel more accessible as well as reduce the risks of back injury. While you are holding the weight as well as strolling with that said, our tool will constantly assist you. Based upon our innovative formula of “Holding problem” & “Walking Condition.” No odd sensations, and also you can walk as usual.

er exoskeleton

How SPORTSMATE 5 Functions?

SPORTSMATE 5 has three subsystems: the gait controller system (central controller), the actuator system, and the energy system. In an outdoor setting, your walking habits will be spotted by sensors. Their AI algorithm will proceed with it. After that, the controller will send signals to the motor to make sure that it can deliver proper assistance to you.

what comes in the box SPORTSMATE 5

In fitness mode, motors can provide various levels of resistance. Given that, you will burn much more calories. Meanwhile, their smart power system can collect the energy from your motion. That way also recharges the battery to achieve a much longer duration.

An AI-based Control System

They’ve developed innovative torque-based AI formula to adjust to intricate environments. It is a big difference compared to typical exoskeletons. They use only trajectory algorithms for medical recovery purposes.

enhanced robotics

AI algorithm examines information from the motor encoder to detect the wearer’s stride habits. That way it provides precise torque support with every stride. Depending upon the gait pattern, SPORTSMATE 5 can detect the user’s activity (e.g., trekking, jogging). Also, with ease, readjust the upper-level algorithm. The lower-level controller gets that reference and sends out the appropriate signal to the motor drivers.


Quasi-Direct Drive Actuation: Extreme Low Mechanical Impedance

Traditional exoskeletons use high proportion transmission systems for stability. But they implemented a quasi-direct actuator system. It contains high torque density electric motors with reduced ratio transmission systems. Customers can have more engagement while using it, without the standard outcome of high mechanical impendence.

hiking with SPORTSMATE 5

In regards to assistance, their actuator system can supply 50% of torque required by hip joints during a stride cycle for normal men.

SPORTSMATE 5 Flawlessly Fits Your Body with Cyber-Fit System.

  • Quasi-Soft Robotic Style

Their customer’s wearable robotic exoskeleton uses adaptable stiff elements along the waistbelt. That way it completely adjusts to different body shapes.

how it works
  • Electric Inflatable Airbag

To further fit the belt around your waist, an electric blow-up airbag fills the void in between your waistline and also the exoskeleton. Meaning, supplying much better stability and also even more comfort.

The Most Compact, Easy-to-Wear Robotics Ever

Weighing in at simply 2.5 kg, the SPORTSMATE 5 is ultralight wearable robotics made for customers. It’s made out of numerous high-strength composite materials. Such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic as well as aerospace aluminum alloy.

running with SPORTSMATE 5

Its small form element makes it very easy to pack as well as lug. It means it is also easy to put on. It takes about 1 minute.

Adjustable Energy System for Extended Usage.

In trekking mode, the battery gives stable and also sufficient power output for various use-case circumstances. With their QDD actuation, less energy is lost by the unconformity between use and device. Therefore achieving far better sustainability.


Relying on an individual’s activity level operation, a smart system can gather energy while in use. Going downstairs, training, hiking, and more! It can recharge the battery making SPORTSMATE 5 last much longer.

Enhanced Robotics Team: Leon Zhu, CEO of Enhanced Robotics, and his team are enthusiasts in the development of exoskeleton robotics! Their focus is to improve the quality of everyday life. Accessible, user-friendly robotics, that enhance mobility, are the future.


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