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SproutyPod | Microfarm for Your Home

Dear kitchen & health enthusiast!

Have You ever tried to grow sprouts at your home? Well, I did… First of all, it was complicated. Second, the result was a pile of something that didn’t even look like a plant! I gave up…

The other day I found out about this wonderful product! SproutyPod! Somehow, the desire to grow came back.

They make it easy peas-y to grow your very own food! As well as harvest a healthy also delicious way of life throughout the year.

food on the table and SproutyPod

Sprouts are simply delicious ‘mini veggies that supply numerous health benefits. They are loaded with micro-nutrients, amino acids, as well as minerals that are vital for health. Isn’t it great that you can produce your vitamin bombs at home?

Why sprouts?

Different foods with sprouts
  • Better Digestion
  • Sprouts don’t contain anti-nutrients so provide better food digestion
  • Immune Increase
  • Healthy and balanced micro-nutrients enhance the immune system, which is so important, especially nowadays!
  • Well-being
  • Sprouts are abundant in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals you need daily
  • Nutrient-Packed
  • Young sprouts can have up to 100x times much more enzymes that can protect the body from cancer-causing agents.

Eco, but also budget-friendly, it’s SproutyPod!

The use of SproutyPod cuts down on our carbon footprint. As well as is made with ecological components and packaging

sprouts in SproutyPod

Home sprouting saves you $300 yearly, as well as frees us and the environment from 104 pieces of plastic waste!

Why not the Mason jar?

Beans in SproutyPod

The most often question we hear is: “Why can’t I simply use a mason jar?” We sprouted with jars for years. First of all – it’s untidy and also complicated. And constantly hiding it in the cabinet since it transforms our cooking area vibes. Sounds familiar? Well, The larger problem is the shape of a mason jar. Its tiny surface does not supply sufficient area for sprouts to grow. The second one, inappropriate air circulation, which creates sprouts to sit in water and rotten.

Burger with sprouts

The ‘SproutyPod’ growing system functions efficiently to make the most of watering and air movement throughout the expanding process. It guarantees you that every batch will be as great as possible. There is great interest amongst customers in growing their foods. Eating something that grows in your house, by that reducing reliance on grocery stores or markets. Isn’t that the main goal for humanity?

Stainless-steel removable screen

This makes adding or draining water quick as well as easy. Also, permits, even more, airflow into the shell.

Pod shape enables a whirlpool swirl, that rinses very thoroughly.

360 degrees of swirl SproutyPod

SproutyPod’s 360-degree roll enhances airflow and protects from sticking and holding onto moisture. Two biggest reasons for your sprouts to go bad.

The SproutyPod App works with both iOS and Android devices.

App for SproutyPod

Grow with Sprouty

Grow over 50 seeds, beans, nuts, vegetables. In a nutshell, there are countless possibilities!

vegetables on the board

Sprouts are nutritional gold and also very absorbent. Think of them as nature’s little powerhouses, providing you a huge boost of the “good stuff” in just a small dosage. Little magic pills!

Buying local? No, growing local!

Expand your very own fresh produce on your countertop: no chemicals, no waste, no transportation, as well as no plastic usage.

Lookin good Sprouty…

design SproutyPod

Mindful design for sustainable food production. Strong desire to change, producing with purpose, welcoming style, and love at first sight. All that SprotyPod brings to you.

Also, say Goodbye To Clamshell Plastic Containers

Lasting style

design SproutyPod

The SproutyPod microfarm components are created and built with materials intended to last a lifetime. Although fully recyclable – we hope it never requires to be. Material decisions were based upon eco-friendliness in addition to the prevention of waste. As well as single use-plastics! They believe in constant improvement and are committed to constantly seeking new ways to upgrade their future products.

Reusability and also recyclability

parts of SproutyPod

Each component of the SproutyPod Microfarm system is completely recyclable. But developed with a thought to last a lifetime. There are no plastics in their shipping materials. Also, greenhouse delivery tubes can be recycled as a gift box or storage for small products. Their commitment is to constantly seek new eco-friendly options, as they become available in the market.

Lasting materials

We picked our materials intending to be our planet’s partner, not disruptor – from food-safe, soda-lime glass, to bamboo, to stainless-steel, as well as recycled PET fabric. They additionally devote themselves to constantly looking for new as well as cutting-edge materials.

Team SproutyPod

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