Stealth Carbon | Slimmest luxury wallet ever made

Stealth Carbon - Slimmest luxury wallet ever made.

The world’s thinnest wallet is back with an upgrade featuring the strongest materials known to man.

Stealth Carbon - Slimmest luxury wallet ever made.

Introducing The Stealth Carbon. The luxury ultra-thin minimalist wallet from Airo Collective. 

The Stealth Carbon is packed with the strongest material technology known to man so that your wallet will never stretch, the edges won’t fray, and will look great for years. It’s all about carrying what you need without any unnecessary clutter.

They are Airo Collective. Last year, they launched the world’s thinnest wallet — the Stealth Razor. It uses a material 15x stronger than steel, was as thin as a razor (literally), and could hold 8 cards and cash.

Now, they’re back with two new, upgraded, luxury, ultra-thin Stealth Wallets boasting the highest quality, strongest materials on Earth — the Stealth Carbon and the Stealth Diamond Wallet.

Stealth Carbon is innovatively engineered to stay ultra-thin while carrying all your wallet essentials. 

Hold up to 8 cards and 6 bills securely and easily without creating a bulge in your pocket. The two card slots hold up to 4 cards each. 

They feature a quick-slide cutout to access your favorite cards quickly and an ID window to easily display your ID without taking it out. Enjoy a perfect balance of optimized minimalism with full functionality and ease of use.

Stealth Carbon - Slimmest luxury wallet ever made.

A durable ballistic cash bungee is a modern improvement of the money clip. The pull-tab keeps your bills from ever falling out. Don’t worry about it breaking – their custom bungee took over a year of development to be extra strong with longevity in mind.

Stealth Carbon is extremely lightweight and incredibly durable. The exterior TPU-infused 3K carbon fiber weave uses the highest quality carbon fiber in the world. Carbon fiber has been used before—in supercars and race cars — but never in a design near this slim. The carbon fiber is specially woven to ensure flexibility and durability and can withstand hundreds of thousands of flexes in its lifetime.

Stealth Carbon - Slimmest luxury wallet ever made.

Our proprietary DNA (Diamond Nano Armor) Edge Coating protects the edges and keeps Stealth Carbon looking clean forever. Made of a special infusion of actual micro-diamonds (the hardest substance on the Earth), the coating is specifically formulated for maximum strength and durability. Stealth Carbon will stay STRONG for ages to come and will never fray at the edges.

The interior layer is made of sustainably sourced premium quality Italian leather fused to fibers that are 15x stronger than steel. This ensures Stealth Carbon will never stretch and will always maintain its shape.

Eliminate back pain caused by bulky wallets. Stealth Carbon is ultra-thin, so it won’t bulge out of your pocket or cause stress marks on your pants and jeans.

And unlike other “thin” wallets, Stealth Carbon STAYS thin even when packed with cards and cash for long periods of time. It doesn’t stretch and won’t wear out.

Just because it’s strong, doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable. Stealth Carbon is incredibly flexible. It’s also so thin, you might forget it’s in your pocket! No more back aches sitting on a brick, Stealth Carbon gives you absolute comfort with beautiful function and unparalleled durability.

Stealth Carbon - Slimmest luxury wallet ever made.

The carbon fiber in Stealth Carbon intrinsically blocks out unwanted RFID scans. This protects your payment data and prevents any unwanted transmissions from your cards — all without disrupting the speed of use or thickness of the wallet. Plus, it looks pretty darn incredible.

If you’re seeking a tough-as-nails wallet with the same thinness, features, and beauty look no further than the Stealth Diamond.

Stealth Diamond features material technology never before seen in any wallet ever made— making it the most advanced leather wallet on the market. It’s flexible, exceptionally durable, ultra-light, feels amazing, and looks incredible.

This may well be the toughest leather in the universe — all in an ultra-thin wallet Made to last through all of life’s adventures.

Stealth Diamond is made of sustainably sourced, heavy-duty, top-grain performance leather stitched and fused with a thread that is 15x stronger than steel.

It’s the first wallet ever to use this amazing leather engineered at the molecular level. The combination results in a wallet that is incredibly thin yet significantly more abrasion resistant than any other leather.

The special nano-armor plating with a diamond pattern powerfully enhances the leather’s abrasion resistance and makes it exponentially more durable than normal leather — all without compromising flexibility. 

With an ultra-thin profile, essential capacity, luxury quality, functional design, and insane durability, this could be the last wallet you’ll ever want. Nano-technology and innovative materials ensure your Stealth wallet looks clean and stays new no matter what you throw at it or how long you’ve used it.

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