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Stemoscope PRO-The Wireless Stethoscope For Doctor

Stemoscope PRO-The Wireless Stethoscope For Doctor

A Tri-Wireless-Mode Noise Cancelling stethoscope lets you auscultate patients Safely and Clearly

The normal version of the Stemoscope was successfully crowdfunded by 4,089 backers on Kickstarter and INDIEGOGO in early 2019. That version allows everyone to listen to the sound of life, for STEM education, recreation and many other purposes. Many medical professionals were surprised by its excellent acoustic performance. Some of them even used it in fighting the pandemic. Let’s pay tribute to our HEROES!

Stemoscope PRO-The Wireless Stethoscope For Doctor

After they enjoyed the high-quality Stemoscope sounds, they provided many valuable feedbacks and inputs on what a wireless stethoscope they wish they can use in their daily practice. Introducing Stemoscope PRO, the wireless stethoscope designed with all their valuable inputs, allows you to auscultate your patients with THREE Wireless Modes and Advanced Noise Cancelling and provides you all that you need.

The Stemoscope brand has been widely featured by the worldwide media since the first day.

In your busy daily practice, you might not be willing to pull out your smartphone to auscultate your patients. You can forget the smartphone now. In Wireless Mode I, Stemoscope PRO directly transmits the auscultatory sounds to Bluetooth earphones or hearing aids. Most popular TWS earphones and Apple AirPods are supported. It is the first truly wireless stethoscope and no smartphone is needed to use it if you like. This makes your life safer and easier because every extra step could increase the chance of infection. Simply slide the switch of the Stemoscope PRO to the left and wear your Bluetooth earphones to auscultate. 

  • Listen while keep a safe social distance

The tubeless and wireless feature provides some advantage and freedom on distance auscultation. You can even fix it on a selfie stick to keep the safe social distance. 

  • Hold Stemoscope PRO with a plastic bag

The tubeless and wireless feature also makes it easy to put the Stemoscope PRO in a one-time plastic bag. The Stemoscope PRO is so sensitive that the audio quality is not affected by the plastic bag.

Stemoscope PRO-The Wireless Stethoscope For Doctor

Hospitals and clinics can be busy and noisy. Sometimes it is hard to hear clearly with a traditional stethoscope. Advanced noise-canceling technology used in Stemoscope PRO can help you hear more clearly by attenuating ambient noise magically while amplifying the heart or lung sounds, making the sounds clear.

Stemoscope PRO-The Wireless Stethoscope For Doctor

The complicated structures of a stethoscope such as tubes and earpieces are difficult to be cleaned. Stemoscope PRO is designed for easy cleaning. Normally you can use an alcohol wipe to clean it. If you think it is not thorough, you may bath it with alcohol solution. It is designed to be water and alcohol proof, the first of this type. Please make sure it is turned off and don’t move the switch before it is dried.

Nowadays everything gets “smart” through Apps. Slide the switch to the right to enter Wireless Mode II and unleashes the power of the Stemoscope PRO with the Apps we designed. There are two well developed Apps, the Stemoscope App and the PetStemo App, which are immediately ready to be used. These two Apps have been continuously fine-tuned based on our customers’ feedback. In addition to these two, a new designed medical grade App, DrStemo App, will be released once the Stemoscope PRO device is cleared by FDA or certified by CE.

With these Apps, you can do a lot more.

  • See What You Hear

Not only can you hear these incredible sounds of life, but the audio can also be visualized as a waveform and spectrogram within the Stemoscope App, which helps you learn and identify the characteristics of each sound better. Let the rhythm of life come alive visually.

  • Record the Sounds and Share

With the Stemoscope App, you can easily record your heart and lung sounds. You can also save the location where the Stemoscope you placed when you recorded. The audio file and the Stemoscope location can be easily shared with most of the instant messaging Apps.

  • Three listening modes to choose

​The App provides three listening modes for you to do auscultation under various conditions. The Bell Mode emphasize the low-pitched heartbeat sounds while the Diaphragm Mode weaken the heartbeat but emphasize the lung sounds. The Extended Mode includes all the sound components from 20-2000 Hz. 

You can connect your smartphone with the wireless headset while your smartphone is connected with Stemoscope through the Bluetooth. This provides you the second wireless stethoscope experience.

Stemoscope PRO-The Wireless Stethoscope For Doctor

With the Apps they have developed, you can do live stream and record. If you still feel there are some limitations, Wireless Mode III gives you more freedom. In this mode, Stemoscope PRO can work as a Bluetooth microphone that can be connected to a phone or a computer. You can use your favorite smartphone apps or PC software such as Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Line to record or do live streaming with your colleagues, friends, or patients.

Stemoscope PRO-The Wireless Stethoscope For Doctor

The Stemoscope design is elegant with chrome-plated zinc alloy and a plastic cover. The Stemoscope PRO is even better. The body is made of stainless steel and a glass cover. Both materials are very endurable, making Stemoscope PRO a long-lasting piece of art.

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