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Storied Hats | Hats from Coffee, Algae, & Cactus

Built for summer, travel, activewear & everyday – super soft, extra UV protection, crushable visor, washable, no logos, and sustainable

Storied Hats

Average baseball hats are stale, they’re lacking great designs, functionality, sustainability and they usually turn your forehead into a billboard. Storied Hats launched two years ago to change that. They design every hat from scratch.

Looking at every detail, sustainable fabrics, only a big range of designs and styles, top-quality construction, multiple sizes for the perfect fit, and always without a logo.

After selling more than 10 000 hats with a personal note in every order, and receiving 99 5-star reviews, they’re launching their first Kickstarter campaign to bring their coolest most functional, most sustainable hats to life.

What these Storied hats are made from is truly amazing.

But first, find out why these are the perfect all-around hats. Insanely soft and stretchy for the perfect fit. Crushable packable visor, quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant, cool to the touch, odor control fabric, sweat absorption, liner, and no logos for a clean look. What’s amazing is that all of this functionality comes from some unlikely sources.

Instead of going to landfills, old coffee grounds are transforming into versatile fabric. After cleaning pollutants from air and water algae, biomass becomes crushable visors. Instead of using animals, cactus becomes plant-based leather without killing a single plant, and abaca banana leaves are turned into a canvas that helps reforestation and supports local farmers.

Storied Hats

They brought all of that together to create two amazing collections. The first is the everyday hat they want to create.

A hat that has tons of function but with a minimalist style that can be worn for everyday needs.

Storied Hats

The coffee fabric is super soft and stretchy for the perfect fit. Odor repellent and washable, the visor from algae biomass is crushable. You can stuff it into your bag or suitcase and then form it back into whatever shape you like. Additionally, it’s even wrinkle-resistant.

It has a thin super soft moisture-absorbing liner for active days. It’s the perfect hat for summer hiking, exercising, or traveling. Its clean design makes it great for any occasion.

Storied Hats

Next is the nature collection.

Firstly, the Forest Guy is made from used coffee grounds for a breezy and soft feel. A Night Sky on the inside, and the back strap is cactus leather. The Explorer is made from abaca leaves into durable, canvas-like material. Small Mountain pattern on the outside, topography on the inside, and cactus leather for the back strap. Lastly, the Desert Sunset is from coffee fabric, with a beautiful sunset under the visor.

Storied Hats

At Storied Hats, their enduring priority is quality and sustainability. Moreover, by launching on Kickstarter, they have the opportunity to do more and together show a better way to make amazing hats. They’d be grateful for your support. Consequently, they’re confident that your forehead will be happy and mother earth will be proud.

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