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Subnado | Compact & Lightweight Underwater Scooter 

Meet Waydoo Subnado! Wow, this piece of equipment is ultra-compact yet extremely durable and powerful.

subnado on arm

An undersea scooter with a smooth, effective propulsion system. Not to mention, a straightforward design! This ingenious underwater system bridges the gap between pricey and tough to control models. These models can often be ineffective, but not the Subnado!  Finally, you can explore the underseas like never before. Whether you are an amateur or a pro. 

features of subnado

Measuring 377 * 70 * 70mm and weighing just 1.4 kg! 

Subnado’s portable and sleek body is the size of a small Coke bottle. Meaning fits perfectly in the side pocket of a backpack. Store and bring it with you everywhere! Subnado is additionally airline-approved. You can easily pack it in your carry-on luggage. Travel with it anywhere!

airline approved

Complicated diving devices makes you frustated? No fears! Subnado’s user-friendly and also very simple.

Finger ring controller allows you easy manuvering. Smooth and simple, with your thumbs. Free your hands for other operations. For example, mask cleaning. Also, no specialized training is required. Just simply a little effort, and you can discover underwater world.

diving under sea

Unlike other underwater scooters, Subnado doesn’t call for both hands. In fact, by utilizing the quick-release placing system, several Subnado can be secured on your arms or legs. That way ensure that you can focus on the ambient around you. You motions are freer, you can focus on the beauty surrounding you.

Mount your Subnado under a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard!It takes much less time paddling, and more time appreciating the sight. Glide effortlessly!

where can you use subnado

No more waiting on your dive gear to be all set. Subnado has maximized the balanced time. Battery capacity and charging time are in sync. Utilizing Subnado’s innovative 100W fast-charging innovation, it takes about 1.2 hours to completely charge. Its 98Wh battery set permits you to cruise with the water for up to 56 mins!

construction of subnado

To further enhance your diving experience, Subnado  features 100W reverse charging. It can charge your other gadgets also. Subnado does not only powers your undersea rate. Likewise, it keeps your necesties powered up and ready.

Subnado offers three options with different thrust outputs: 3kg, 5kg, and 6.5 kg. And the maximum cruising speed of 1.4 m/s. Simulatanioulsly using 2 Subnados, the maximum speed gets to 2m/s.

womay on kayak

Subnado will get you where you wish to go. Whether you’re chasing after fish or whizzing around the reef.Subnado’s jet propulsion system gives diving a completely new dimension. As for efficiency, but also for maneuverability. Its powerful thrust has the ability to effectively combat water currents. Simply propeling you onward at faster rates.

It enables you to take a diwe up to 60 meters at a good rate in deep open water. Moreover, its jet propulsion system drives you ahead. Also, without stirring up much sediment. In this way allowing you to maintain great visibility when you’re out for a deep diving. Or cave, and even wreck diving!

depth of 60m

Undersea, energy level and air usage are most important. Diving with Subnado can considerably diminish fatigue. That way, makes you sure that you can take a breath much easier. In the same time preserve energy. Now, you can dive much deeper, farther, and longer – in one air tank.

Don’t let its little body and appearance fools you. Inside this gear hides innovative technology that improves your deepsea experience. With a special propeller made from 4 blades, Subnado’s propulsive effectiveness is 23% higher. Unlike injection-moulded props found on comparable products, this makes it feasible to go for a longer expedition. But with the same amount of power used.

subnado with attachements

It’s equped with a jet propulsion nozzle with properly designed stator vanes.

That makes Subnado able to recuperate some of the kinetic energy. Water circulation and also recycle is recycled with efficiency by an additional 5%. Aditionaly, extending runtime a lot more.
With the extension ring, you can upgrade it with 3 more accessories. Such as GoPro – for wonderful shots, or maybe theundersea fill light for boosting the visibility?  Tackle your favorite dive with Subnado. And and also capture more stunning footage!


It is not limited to only expert divers.

Even youngsters can experience the most from aquatic sports with Subnado. This summer, allow this miracle to bring more enjoyment to your pool.
Subnado is developed with safety in mind. In order to lessen the threats of mishaps, Subnado makes use of only one of the most dependable built-in batteries. Also, there is a wired controller. As for the security of children, Subnado’s propellers are fitted with a finger-safe guard.  This lowers the threats of accidental injury.

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