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  • Co Print
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    Co Print | Multi-Filament Module for All Bowden 3D Printer

    Hy there! Everyone can 3D Print the design they desire with a 3D Printer! However, what if we discuss printing Multi-Color and also Multi-Material models? Here is something that can level up your 3D experience! You create a unique design, prototypes, and multi-color 3D printed devices as well as tools. Also, you can use Co […] More

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  • The World's Easiest To Use 3D Printer Plybot
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    Plybot | The Ultimate 3D Printing Experience

    Plybot is shaking up the world of 3D printing by combining software with hardware to create the ultimate 3D printing experience. Plybot is totally unique. They make 3D printing simple, quiet and fun for people of all ages. Arms that give bigger and better prints, whilst minimizing desk space. Plybot’s arms are one-of-a-kind, and aren’t […] More

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