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    Deeper Connect Pico | World’s Only Decentralized VPN

    World’s thinnest, lightest, smallest pocket wonder! Deeper Connect Pico is one of the most unique and also effective cybersecurity hardware devices! Incorporates a 7-layer enterprise-grade firewall program. Also, it’s the one and only Decentralized VPN (DPN). Pico continues the tradition of the Deeper Connect family members of items. With the exact same plug-and-play configuration and […] More

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    SUBTECH DRYPACK | Tactical everyday backpack built for extreme missions

    Everyday Backpack | 8-38L Size | Waterproof | Aircraft graded Buckles | Organization System | Carry-on Approved You will love Subtech Drypack because when they say it is the only one that you will ever need, they mean it! Being very durable and weather-proof, it is perfect for extreme sports, hiking, mounting biking, or just for […] More

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  • WizeeHome
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    WizeeHome | New Generation Foldable Baking Tray

    Hello, kitchen sector! A. here, and today’s assistant name is WizeeHome. His name refers to Wizard, because, he really is a miracle! I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks it is ab – fab! Baking tray for a new way! Many baking trays and also food storage containers on the market are bulky, […] More

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  • Sküma
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    Sküma: Electrolyte enhanced water from home

    The easiest method to improve immunity as well as get your wellbeing back is by doing what you do every day – Drinking Water. Welcome to the health change that you just will not be able to say NO! It is the Sküma. Every person wishes to enjoy better health All of us are familiar […] More

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  • The Shower Scrubber by Casamera
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    Casamera | The Shower Scrubber

    Double-sided, charcoal-infused, 100% natural, and an absolute lathering machine! Do you remember Casamera? This is not their first campaign, I wrote about their famous bath towel some time ago and you must have noticed their signature honeycomb structure which makes it so special. This time they launched the Shower Scrubber! And, as you can see, […] More

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  • Breakbottle: Twist Open. Clean Easy. Travel Light.
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    Breakbottle | Twist Open, Clean Easy, Travel Light

    A full-size water bottle that opens with a twist. Clean easy, dry quickly and works with hot or cold drinks. Breakbottle is not just one of those so-called eco-friendly bottles, it is truly one-of-a-kind! Check out its amazing features below, trust me you will love it and take it everywhere with you! A full-size water […] More

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  • The Tasman: Crowd Cookware's Way of Making An Impact.
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    The Tasman by Crowd Cookware | Recycled Dutch Oven & Grill

    The Tasman: Crowd Cookware’s Way of Making An Impact. From Cars to Cast Iron: An Everyday Pan that Lasts for Generations. For all my foodies, rookies, and pros, vegans, or meat lovers, Crowd Cookware is one of my favorite cooking brands in the crowdfunding world! We all love them, and you must be familiar already […] More

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  • Nine Arches
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    Nine Arches

    A stunning game that pairs the magic of Tarot with the thrill of a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. If you love a good tarot card play, you will definitely like Nine Arches! It is such a great game that will inspire you and make you expand your imagination. What makes it special is that it combines tarot and […] More

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  • CircuitMess Batmobile
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    CircuitMess Batmobile

    Become a STEM Super Hero while exploring the world of electronics and programming Let me just say, OMG! This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen lately regarding games. If you are, or anyone you know, is a superhero fan, especially Batman, you can’t go wrong with this. CircuitMess Batmobile is the gift that […] More

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  • Scripter: the 21st Century Productivity Voice Assistant
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    Scripter | the 21st Century Productivity Voice Assistant

    You can forget about note-taking. Scripter instantly transforms your voice into neat, structured notes. I never knew I need Scripter in my life! It is a game-changing little device that will help anybody to efficiently translate, take notes and store all important information in one safe place. Don’t miss this chance and get it at […] More

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  • LITO CASE Foldable Suitcase
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    LITO CASE | Foldable Suitcase

    The patent pending suitcase that saves you 2.5x storage space. Made of 50 Recycled Plastic Bottles. I mean, it doesn’t get much better than a foldable suitcase that enables you to save so much space and make your life easier while traveling. Especially if you are a frequent traveler, LITO CASE will completely change the […] More

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  • IGLOO - A first-class experience of portable private space
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    IGLOO | The first-class experience of portable private space

    The versatile portable chair shelter that visualizes your availability and keep away distractions. IGLOO is perfect if you want to quickly ‘disappear’ and isolate yourself from everybody. Imagine if you were in a crowded subway and have to get some work done, or just take a power nap as I did this morning… It doesn’t […] More

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