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  • ASMOKE - AS350 Portable Applewood Pellet Grill

    ASMOKE | AS350 Portable Applewood Pellet Grill

    Revolutionary ASMOKE ASCA System™ with Auto-Ashes Cleaning & Micro-particles Vapor Technology Revolutionary Pellet Grill with Brand New Asmoke ASCA System™ TM. After the liquid is vaporized at 600 degrees Celsius, it forms the superheated steam (The volume increases by about 1,244 times) and it pressurizes the furnace body. Superheated steam exists in the form of […] More

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  • SafeSpace Shield
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    SafeSpace Shield

    A sealed, fog-resistant, all-day comfortable full face shield to protect frontline workers, teachers, medical professionals, kids… Meet SafeSpace Shield, a face shield that balances extreme performance, astonishing comfort, and complete visibility. Features: Comfortable adjustable straps: a four-point attachment to help provide a secure seal. Injection-molded frame made to exact specifications. Airtight Tecoflex Seal: lab tested […] More

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  • QuietOn 3 - The smallest ANC earbuds for sleeping
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    QuietOn 3 | The smallest ANC earbuds for sleeping

    Sleep in silence with revolutionary Noise Cancelling technology. No noise masking or extra sounds. The feeling of waking up in the morning well-rested, feeling ready and excited for the tasks of the day ahead is beyond compare. Often, however, it is thoughts that just won’t let go of us, the surrounding traffic noise, or the […] More

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