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Taskin Xplorer | Carry-on Wheeled Travel Backpack Evolved

A Convertible & Expandable Stylish Wheeled Travel Backpack to Kickstart the Joy of Travel + Next Gen Taskin ONE 9-in-1 Travel Pack

Introducing the all-new Taskin Xplorer – A Wheeled Carry-on Travel Bag Without Equals

Taskin Xplorer features sturdy wheels and a premium-quality trolley system made of lightweight aluminum, with a telescoping handle that can be set to three positions: 37, 34, or 31 inches from the ground.

Taskin Xplorer is also equipped with a wheel cover, to keep them from touching your clothes when you are carrying it. Because that’s never a good look. 

Taskin Xplorer

Ready to go jet-setting again? At 20″/13″/9″ Xplorer is compatible with carry-on size specs for most airlines we know of and the Xplorer should comfortably fit in overhead bins. Even when expanded at 20″/13″/12″ most airlines won’t object, especially with the compression straps to hold things tight.

Their unique patent-pending backpack strap system allows you to easily and securely store or retrieve the straps within seconds. No need to unhook the straps and push them behind awkward pockets.

You can expand your Taskin Xplorer to add another 15 liters and go from having a 30-liter bag to one that can hold 45 liters. Xplorer lets you fit a lot more than regular carry-on luggage while staying far more organized.

Carry-on Like Packing

4-Point, Self-Balancing Shoulder Straps

Extra-wide shoulder straps with honeycomb mesh padding featuring their unique self-balancing 4-point anchor system. No matter how you like to wear your shoulder bag the straps will re-balance to keep your bag in a comfortable-balanced position.

Taskin Xplorer

Detachable Hip Belt

The hip belt can easily be detached when not in use. Alternatively, you can tuck it away in the back if you think you’ll need them again soon.

TSA Friendly Laptop Sleeve

The dedicated laptop section features one larger pocket for your laptop and a smaller one for your tablet or notepad. The laptop pocket is 11 x 14 inches and the smaller pocket is 11 x 12 inches in size. The inside of both these pockets is lined with soft velvet to protect your laptop/tablet.

TSA/Checkpoint-friendly, 180° lay-flat design allows you to breeze through airport security … well at least compared to most other backpacks.

Stove-away Large Water Bottle Pockets

A neat hide-able mesh water bottle pocket when you need one.

Easy-hide Compression Straps Pockets

Hidden pockets to store away those compressions straps when not in use. No one likes dangling straps.

Taskin Xplorer

Adjustable Sternum Straps

Easily adjustable sternum straps ensure maximum comfort, no matter your chest size.

Front Easy Access Pocket w/ Velvet Lining

Velvet-lined, easy-access pocket stores your sunglasses or other essentials.

Backpack Strap Easy Access Pockets

Easy-access pocket on the backpack strap for tokens, access cards, etc.

Waterproof External Zippers

Custom, easy-slide waterproof zippers help keep the water out (while ONE is water-resistant, it’s not waterproof—no bag with stitches are) while being easier to pull open.

Neoprene Cushioned Top Handle

The top handle is the neoprene material so it’s easy on your hands and stays clean. Neoprene is also very durable.

Unisex Design

It will look great on you and your significant other, so make sure you get one for your travel partner, too.

Taskin Xplorer

Taskin design principles are combining style and quality with innovative function. And the Taskin Xplorer ONE delivers on all three room to spare.

Easy-Gone Backpack Straps

A last-minute design change to the straps plus the challenge of collaborating live caused by Covid19 resulted in the original butterfly straps being too unreliable for their standards. So, they set out to design a solution that preserved the ease of storing the straps quickly, but in a way that’s far more durable under heavy strain.

After evaluating and discarding many design options, they engineered a new, now patent-pending design that allows you to easily and securely hide/un-hide the straps within seconds. No need to unhook the straps and push them back into awkward pockets like most current designs. And no risk of a strap coming loose or being exposed when not in use. Yeah, they’re kinda proud of that one, and they know you’ll love it, too.

Taskin Xplorer

No Loose Straps

We love dangling straps…said no one ever. The compression straps can now be securely stored in hidden pockets. You can also store every other strap in their respective pockets/sleeves. This means when you don’t need them, they are out of sight.

Improved Side-Handle

When you are using the bag in the briefcase model you will appreciate the new improved side handles. The hooks have been redesigned to ensure the straps don’t accidentally slip out. All hardware is made of new lightweight alloys to reduce weight.

Taskin Xplorer

Below are just the big-ticket items, in addition, they made many small improvements from new and improved organization pockets, reinforced stitching, etc. to truly take ONE from a great backpack to an exceptional one.

Backpack Strap Easy Access Pocket

Easy-access pocket on the backpack strap for tokens, access cards, etc.

The 9-in-1 Bag

3 sizes x 3 configurations = 9 practical variations for infinite possibilities. Each variation will meet a specific, real-world use case. Spoiler alert: It’s also far more practical than buying a different bag for each. Especially when you get it all with Taskin quality and style.

Taskin Xplorer

Carry-on Size

In everyday and Weekender sizes, the ONE easily passes carry-on size requirements for most airlines. Traveling multiple times with the bag fully expanded in Voyager and didn’t notice any looks from the airline crew yet.

Carry-on Like Packing

But you can fit a lot more while staying far more organized.


Bet the Taskin One has more organization options than all the backpacks you own combined.  Just having more pockets is obviously not enough, so they put in a lot of thought and experimentation into designing the most optimal configuration that will get you the most use out of these pockets.

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