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Taste plus | Multipurpose 3-In-1 Cookware

Sauce Pot and Frying Pan, your cooking essentials combined.

They are taking convenience to a whole new level with the Taste plus cookware. Thanks to smart and innovative design, they’ve seamlessly combined a steam wok, a pan, and a soup pot into one compact and lightweight product.

Taste plus

High-Walled Saucepan


With a spacious capacity of up to 2 Quarts (1.9L), this soup pot is perfect for cooking large meals, stewing ingredients without making a mess, and deep-frying with confidence. Whether you’re frying up some drumsticks, stewing carrots, or making a hearty stew for chilly days, this is the cookware you want in your kitchen.

Putting The Fun in Multi-Functional

Frying Pan

The lid of their Taste plus cookware triples as a non-stick frying pan, baking tray, or stir-fry pan. With only one lid, you can do it all with none of the hassles.


Stainless Steel Steam Plate

They’ve added a thin, 304 stainless steel steam plate that, when placed inside the Taste plus, acts as a divider. You can even use it as an oil filter while deep-frying! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Non-Stick Design

Thanks to the unique double-layered, non-stick ceramic glazing technique used to manufacture this 3-in-1 cookware solution, you can easily and quickly fry up whatever you’d like without cleaning up sticky or burnt residue afterward. Make eggs, make pancakes, or make steaks. Regardless of what you choose, you can be confident that you won’t make a mess.

Taste plus

A Ground-Breaking Water Filter

They’re all about different combinations. When you combine the lid and soup pot, you’ll see that Taste plus has a built-in strainer on both sides that helps you drain and rinse ingredients safely, easily, and quickly. There’s more, though. One side of the pot has a gear-shaped strainer that acts as a filter for scum or waste, while the other side has an even strainer for things like pasta.

Light-Weight and Compact

No more lugging about heavy steel pots and pans just to make one simple dish. The Taste plus keep up with you and can be taken wherever you go thanks to its lightweight and portable design.

Made from food-grade aluminum alloys, this unique cookware is only 1.8 to 3.5mm thick, which makes it ideal for families and individuals on the move.

Taste plus

The Solution That Suits Your Stove

How often have you been excited to use new cookware only to find that you don’t have the facilities to actually use it? Well, no more!

Taste plus boasts a thickened, compound bottom that’s suitable for any stove in any kitchen.

Store It in Seconds

Storing pots and pans used to feel like an extreme balancing act – an extremely tricky act, – but with Taste plus, all you need to do to put it away is stack the flat lid vertically on the soup pot. That’s it! It doesn’t take up space or hours of your time to store after you’ve used it.

Stacking not your thing? That’s alright. You can use the clever hanging hole to hook it onto any kitchen wall railing or hook for easy access.

Taste plus

Simple Cooking, Even Simpler Cleaning

They said, “no thanks” to all the nooks and crannies that come with traditional multi-purpose cookware. Instead, they designed Taste plus as an all-in-one die-cast mold. That means that you won’t have to worry about scrubbing around pesky screws or corners.

Handle With Confidence

Their heat-insulated handle sleeve and durable handle design make using this cookware solution safer and simpler than ever. Thanks to the naturally soft silicone materials used in the handle sleeve, you won’t have to worry about additional heat insulation to prevent nasty burns in the kitchen.

Taste plus

The Perfect Match

Their lid and pan fit together like they were meant to be – and that’s because they truly were.

Three Colors to Choose

Taste plus Houseware co., ltd, whose core team members are all from the traditional cookware manufacturing industry. In the past 20 years, their factory served many famous international cookware brands such as Silit and Stoneline from Germany, Casty and Valira from Spain, Ballarini, and Risoli from Italy, etc. Hence, they decided to establish their own independent cookware brand -Taste plus. All the products of Taste plus are researched and developed independently, designed delicately, and improved continuously by their team. Because of the enthusiasm towards cookware, they never forget their original purpose, which is dedicating effort to humanized cookware designs. They hope that through these designs, kitchens can be more delicate, tasteful, and let more people fall in love with their kitchen, and enjoy cooking.

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