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TEKE | Hollywood DMX Lighting – For Photo & Video Creators

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Instantly apply animations, sound-reactive effects, dynamic moods and movie looks from your phone or dmx software.

TEKE: Hollywood DMX Lighting - For Photo & Video Creators

DMX lighting technology in the palm of your hand.

Instantly apply beautiful industry-standard animated effects, dynamic moods and movie looks all from your phone or computer. Take your shots to the next level.

Get gorgeous digital multiplex (DMX) lighting technology used on Hollywood movies, commercials, stage events and music videos—at a fraction of the price of the leading competitor DMX tube light (over $600 dollars off + no expensive transmitter needed).

TEKE: Hollywood DMX Lighting - For Photo & Video Creators

Your own personal lighting assistant, TEKE pushes your productions to the next level. Unlock your creativity with easy-to-use dynamic animated lighting that will impress clients, audiences and your peers.

TEKE: Hollywood DMX Lighting - For Photo & Video Creators

TEKE is ultra bright, with 700 and 1400 lumens of 90+ CRI, flicker-free, RGBW light.

TEKE: Hollywood DMX Lighting - For Photo & Video Creators

Enhance any performance with sound reactive lighting triggered by your devices.

TEKE: Hollywood DMX Lighting - For Photo & Video Creators

Custom control to create and save lighting setups, palettes and effects.

TEKE: Hollywood DMX Lighting - For Photo & Video Creators

Instantly apply dynamic effects, moods and movie looks.

Effects, moods and movie looks

TEKE: Hollywood DMX Lighting - For Photo & Video Creators

Browse the TEKE Library to instantly apply dynamic lighting styles and animated effects: flickering hallway, fire, lightning, police, traffic, TV static and much more.

Pixel mapping and color palettes

TEKE: Hollywood DMX Lighting - For Photo & Video Creators

Create effects and color palettes instantly by uploading a picture or video clip reference. Adjust your selections points and TEKE will copy shade, hue, temperature, and brightness for selected pixels into a saved animation. No need for complicated software or coding.

TEKE is versatile and maximizes your creativity.

TEKE: Hollywood DMX Lighting - For Photo & Video Creators

Never take another boring photo or video

TEKE: Hollywood DMX Lighting - For Photo & Video Creators

Take your productions to the next level.

TEKE gives you pro features only DMX offers such as pixel mapping, synchronized complex gradient animations, Dmx software, and stage compatibility. As well as offering increased distance and signal strength when compared to Bluetooth. Like your own personal lighting assistant, TEKE lets you instantly create dynamic lighting environments – from the palm of your hand.

TEKE: Hollywood DMX Lighting - For Photo & Video Creators

The TEKE app is also packed with a growing library of effects. With a single tap, you can activate professional pre-sets for dynamic lighting and animated effects. Get creative with lighting on your next production. The result? Amazing lighting environments every time.

TEKE: Hollywood DMX Lighting - For Photo & Video Creators

Technical Features

  • 700LM | 1400LM max. illumination
  • Full-spectrum addressable RGBW
  • 2700K–6500K adjustable colour temperature
  • 90+ CRI
  • TEKE (20 Inches / 30 Pixels) | TEKE Pro (40 Inches / 60 Pixels)
  • Durable Aluminum Housing & Weather-resistant
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 4-hour battery runtime (100 percent brightness)
  • Smart Run Time (Maximize battery duration based on settings/shoot length)
  • Flicker-free slow-mo and dimming
  • Ability to connect multiple TEKE together
  • Library of instant animations, sound reactive effects and dynamic gradients.​ 
  • Unlimited customization on phone or computer
  • DMX Art-Net over Wi-fi-enabled
  • Chargeable while in use via USB-C


TEKE accessories come with kit pledges and are available as add-ons after you’ve made your initial pledge. Here’s some of the handy accessories that will be available to make your TEKE perform in every situation:

  • TEKE mount bracket
  • Swivel ball-head mount
  • Mini-tripod
  • Mini grip tripod
  • External USB-C battery
  • TEKE Kit
  • Type C charging cable
  • Quick charging adapter

Back our Kickstarter today and help us bring the power of TEKE to the world.

TEKE was created by a team of passionate filmmakers, engineers, installation artists, and friends who’ve worked on projects for the Ridley Scott Creative Group, VICE, Star Trek CBS, Samsung, and Unity.

TEKE started as a side project to create animated lighting for our video productions—but once we showed other artists our unique brand of lighting (and the clients we were getting), the public’s passion for our product convinced us to share it with the world.

         Getting TEKE from idea to reality to a real product has been a tremendous team effort. We’ve worked on it full-time for more than a year. Our team includes an electrical engineer specializing in device design, a brilliant user-interface designer, and artists that have worked and researched across industries to develop the most versatile system possible.

         TEKE is now ready for production, and we’re so excited to share what we’ve built with the Kickstarter community.

TEKE: Hollywood DMX Lighting - For Photo & Video Creators

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