ThatRack | Portable party grill accessory


Level up your grilling game with ThatRack’s versatility. Maximize your grill space, gain control of the grill, and stop flipping!

Effortlessly grill your favorite meals, meats, and veggies in your favorite grill spots including backyard gas grills, Kamado smokers, picnic park grills, campfire grills, and tailgating grills. ThatRack (patent pending) can be used on gas, charcoal, wood, and pellet-style grills or fires.


ThatRack holds up to:

  • 48 chicken drumsticks
  • 40 shrimp
  • 36 hot dogs
  • 30 sausages
  • 22 chicken wings
  • 10 steaks
  • 10 salmon fillets
  • 6 burgers
  • 4 cornish hens
  • 2 beer can chickens

The outdoor air fryer.

The air fryers in your kitchen deliver a consistent and even cooking experience for all types of food.  Flipping of food on other cooking sources such as your grill and campfires upset the incredible flavors your food offers because it interrupts the temperature consistency.


ThatRack creates a superb grilling environment, taking your grilling expertise to another level of taste. The maillard reaction, otherwise known as browning, is the process of amino acids and sugars creating the distinct juicy flavor of the best food in the world. This is primarily due to consistent and even cooking that creates the golden brown effect.  With ThatRack, you are able to lift your meat off the heat source and set it on one spot, which allows for a slower & consistent cooking process.


Grill in one wave.

Grilling for groups of friends and family members can be a hassle if you’re camping,  own a smaller backyard grill, or grilling out at the park. Have you ever been at a tailgate and you’ve been spending hours at the grill, grilling multiple waves of food for everyone because your grilling area isn’t large enough to grill for everyone at once?

ThatRack is the ultimate grill space maximizer and time saver. ThatRack triples your grilling space allowing for food (or another ThatRack!) to be placed on the remaining grate space. Load up ThatRack for your parties and grill for everyone in one wave.


Hands-free grilling

ThatRack is a hands-free, set it and forget it grilling experience for the modern griller. No tongs, no brush, and no spatulas needed. By hanging your food above the grate on ThatRack you eliminate the need for flipping your food with tongs or spatulas.

Tailgates, camping, parks, and backyard grilling!


KEY FEATURES (5-in-1 grilling)

1.) 2 sliding rails

2.) 16 skewers

3.) 6 rib slots

4.) 1 basket

5.) Traditional warming rack

Vertically hang 14 drumsticks on 2 sliding rails.

ThatRack has two sliding rails designed to hold chicken drumsticks and chicken lollipops by the knuckles.  The ends of the sliding rails include a clever 45° lead in allowing for easy slide on and slide off.


16 Skewers.

ThatRack is designed to hold as much food in as little space as possible. The 16 skewers allow you to fork whatever you think of… Steaks, shish kabobs, fish, shrimp, hot dogs, sausages, chicken breasts, drumsticks, and much more!

6 rib slots.

Flip over ThatRack and you find yourself in a whole new world of possibilities. The 6 rib slots allow for baby backs, St. Louis style, and spareribs to lay on their sides. With the rib rack holders, there is no need to flip or worry about burning.


1 Basket.

The basket is designed for beer can chickens, rib roasts, pork butts, pork shoulders, vegetables, and other large cuts of meat.

Warming & cooking rack.

The traditional warming rack is still useful and implemented into ThatRack. Buns, vegetables, and all types of meat can lay across the top of ThatRack.

ThatRack is both versatile and durable. Made from stainless steel, you can expect a light lift but a strong base to hold all the food you need to be grilled.


We’ve tested ThatRack on 20+ grill types, hood clearances, and manufacturers.

Early prototypes & blueprints

ThatRack started off with organizing and hanging drumsticks above the grate to enhance the flavor, but our team quickly realized grillers needed so much more. So we quickly designed a high-end “warming rack” that could do it all.  The initial prototype of a sliding rail for drumstick knuckles is now incorporated into ThatRack’s two sliding rails.

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