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The 4 | Illustrated Survival Guide

The 4 survival guide

The First Illustrated Survival Guide. How to survive after Pandemic, Zombie Attack, Nuclear Winter, Global Warming

This survival guide is really something else! Based on The 4 guide 4 different scenarios of the world apocalypse. Sooo indulging and interesting, I think you can’t stop reading it once you start. According to the current situation on the Kickstarter campaign, they are rocking it. So go and check this thing out, you’ll be surprised where your imagination can go.

The 4  Illustrated Survival Guide

The 4 consists of 400 pages of fascinating and useful illustrated content on how to survive in various difficult situations, and while performing the usual tasks of everyday life. The information is collected from a huge number of books, videos, and stories by experienced professionals from around the world. All information is full of details and the illustrations are beautiful. It allows you to visually study human inventions and knowledge, to understand the principle of their operation and how to make them yourself.

The 4  Illustrated Survival Guide

4 talented illustrators inspired by such famous franchises as the Walking Dead, World War Z, 28 days later, Mad Max, STALKER.

The 4  Illustrated Survival Guide

Made in 4 different styles incredibly beautiful images of inventions and knowledge of survival in artistic environments of 4 disasters. The 4 will bring aesthetically great pleasure to a child and an adult, awaken curiosity and creativity, and in a visual and interesting form will give useful knowledge on survival in various situations, which will be helpful even in everyday life.

You can find out more details on their Kickstarter campaign page, but I’ll give you a sneak peek of 2 of my favorite chapters below.

The 4 | Illustrated Survival Guide

A little something from the Pandemic Chapter of The 4 survival guide

The 4  Illustrated Survival Guide

The world rolled back by a hundred years. Essential supplies ran out, and they had to resort to improvising, using old means of combating the infection. Turned out it wasn’t that hard, just place the cut lemon into a moist environment, and wait for the mold to show up. It can then be applied to the infected spots. It’s far from the actual antibiotics but good enough for emergency use.

Who would’ve thought that a moldy lemon could save lives! They couldn’t imagine how much you can do using common materials. All it takes to make a bar of soap is to mix some ash, chalk, salt, and water. By using changing proportions, you can make anything – dish soap, washing gel, shampoo, liquid, and solid soaps, and more.

Could you imagine a car that runs on something other than gas, diesel, electricity, or hydrogen? Once fuel supplies ran out, we were certain that the cars would forever remain rusty monuments of our past.

The 4  Illustrated Survival Guide

Until they made a wooden gas generator that helped them replace liquid fuels.

As the fuel burns, it generates flammable gas that’s routed into the engine through a system of filtering and cooling, setting the car in motion.

The 4  Illustrated Survival Guide

Not all types of wood are compatible with this engine, only those containing high amounts of cellulose. There’s plenty of these, enough to sustain their vehicles by the time they can restore the industry.

They’re continuing their research to improve the way of life. Not a lot of research equipment remained after the catastrophe, so they have to makeshift their own. The optical microscope is one of them. You can create it using multiple magnifying glasses calibrated inside a tube, and a tripod. That’s enough for the basic tasks.

The 4 Illustrated Survival Guide

A glimpse from the Zombie chapter of The 4

The planet fell into ruins in a few years. It became unsafe in megacities – all the closed spaces turned into traps, where people were easy prey for zombies.

To survive, everyone rushed to the villages, trying to make fortresses from their houses to protect themselves. Not everyone succeeded … I learned from the mistakes of others and equipped my home with maximum protection. I made the 2nd floor inhabited, reinforced all openings and windows to protect against penetration, made an analog of anti-personnel barriers from the wire around the perimeter.

The 4  Illustrated Survival Guide

However, living in a fortress is not enough. We still need to get medicines and food. To do this, we need to overcome long distances teeming with enemies who are ready to eat us for lunch. Many have used bikes for this purpose. Not a bad option, but you can’t carry a lot on a bike, so I decided to rebuild the wheelbarrow into my second deadly fortress on wheels. I strengthened all the openings and the body of the car, added a sunroof, and welded various pipes and sharp blades to destroy zombies on the go.

The 4  Illustrated Survival Guide

To get food, of course, you have to get out of protection. Experience has proven that not every weapon needs to be carried with you. Something is too heavy, something takes too long to recharge, so when time and effort are not unlimited, this can play a deadly joke on you. Therefore, I have selected the best arsenal for different situations.

The 4  Illustrated Survival Guide

Long outings to places where a car cannot pass are like expeditions in terms of preparation. I think over every little thing carefully, to carry only what is indispensable. I decided to sketch my equipment, which has never let me down so that you too could prepare for your forays effectively.

Walk secretly, be ready to defend yourself at any moment, plan your everyday life and your movements. This is the only way you can survive in the wild conditions of the Zombie invasion.

The 4  Illustrated Survival Guide

This is just a small part of The 4 survival guide.

Hope it got your attention. You can learn so much, and it is very detailed and seems so real. If you’re a survival story fan, this one is for you! But, I hope that it won’t become our reality after all :P.

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