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The 5 (+) | Pocket Performance Pants

The 5 (+)
The 5 (+)

Hy Guys, Andrea here!

Discovering an excellent pair of pants is a hard job to do! Something that fits well, and also has innovative features? It was impossible until now! Introducing You The Five (+) Pocket Performance Pants from Woodies.

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Unique pair of pants!

They assure the best fit, also their brand-new 5 (+) Pocket Performance Pants bring features you’ll most definitely like. The 5 (+) Pocket Pants are custom-made for you! The developers utilize advanced sizing algorithms to determine your measurements. Given that, they guarantee a perfect fit.

Style , men wearing The 5 (+)

No standard dimension chart. Tall, short? Long legs, short legs? You are covered! Enter in as low as your height, weight and midsection size. They make use of advanced sizing algorithms to calculate all your dimensions, in seconds! They use over 15 measurements to make your trousers will be truly Yours.

The 5 (+) – for five pockets

five pockets

These trousers have reimagined pockets. By adding two hidden pockets within the back pockets. They also have 3 pockets in the front of the pants! With clever stretch fabric, you can freely enjoy a full range of activities. Five (+) Pocket pants keep up with you and also stay on par with your daily requirements. Bike around town, or work from home, you are always comfortable!

Give five to The 5 (+)

The 5 (+) offers a lot

Look excellent after a rigorous day? Yes, that was their main goal. The 5 (+) Pocket Pants are wrinkle resistant. So you don’t have to worry about having a messy look. Life can be hectic… But, they’re here for you! Woodies state-of-the-art fabric is water as well as stain-resistant. Like a magic cloth! This is one of the very best performance fabrics ever. With a perfect blend of 51% cotton, 45% polyester, 4% elastane, this fabric is durable and made to last.

Stain repeling fabric

What else is there?

After years of R&D and many versions, they have sourced extraordinary fabric. This material is strong enough to last and adaptive for year-round wear. The 5 (+) Pocket Pants are offered in 5 shades: True Navy, Black, Burgundy, Olive green as well as slate grey! Roll up your 5 (+) Pocket Performance Pants at night, and move freely, because they have sewed in a reflective seam.

man jumping, burgundy The 5 (+)

These pants are ranked for SPF 50! Remain protected in the sun. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

They are custom-made for You (and only You). The sizing is personalized, so, at this point, this might be just enough.

Regular, Slim, Extra Slim.

custom fitted

In addition to your customized body sizing, you can choose 3 various fits. You can choose the degree of just how loosened or tight you usually wear pants.

  • Regular Fit

If you like your trousers to be a lot more comfy and loose, then this fit is for you!

  • Slim Fit

 This is our most popular fit. Not too tight, yet not too loose. Ideal.

  • Extra Slim

This is a more contemporary fit. For men that like form-fitting clothes.

stretching in pants

They’re known for unique fabrics, a remarkable custom fit, and sustainable manufacturing.

They have been developing this line of fabric and trousers for over 2.5 years. Best details and high-quality design don’t come overnight.

smart stretch fabric

Sustainability of The 5 (+)

Fashion is the second most wasteful industry world. Over 5 billion dollars worth of clothing is being thrown into the waste, every year. Fashion that changes, as well as mass production, have actually created an epidemic of unsold merchandise and waste.

At Woodies, they are oriented on Micro Production as opposed to mass production. On-demand, piece by piece for each, private client, that is their “modus operandi”.

What does this imply? A whole lot less waste as well as a much smaller carbon footprint. These pants are not cheap to make. A lot of investment is being put into the most effective product, hardware, and also production group.

woodies logo

To Sum Up

To be honest, you’re not likely to find a more useful set of pants than this! Woodies offers superb products on the market. Each pair is custom-made for you. Advanced sizing algorithms to determine your dimensions, and as is the case with every one of their clothing, they Guarantee a Perfect Fit!

man running in The 5 (+)

This is an impressive product in the clothing industry! I think you will agree with me?

The 5 (+)

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