The Carnivore Bar
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The Carnivore Bar II

An ancestral, functional food made modern & convenient

The Carnivore Bar is a meal replacement bar with real, clean ingredients. Each and every bar is based on just two ingredients: beef and tallow (with the option of also adding salt and/or honey too). The Carnivore Bar is easy to digest and made with the purpose of making you feel your best! No bloating, no indigestion, just food that gives you the fuel you need to live life to the fullest.

The Carnivore Bar


Carnivore Bars are extremely shelf-stable. You can take the bars wherever you go and not have to worry about refrigeration or spoilage. They are naturally shelf-stable due to the absence of moisture left in the meat of the finished product. They test it with a water activity meter after making each batch. Additionally, to reduce risks of oxidation they use specialized wrappers that don’t allow oxygen or moisture to enter into the product, which could cause food spoilage over time.

While they don’t officially have an exact “expiration date” for the bars, they’re attempting to prove 25 years and they feel that they could potentially last even longer. However, in order to validate this, they’ll need to do a 4-year shelf-life study. With your help on this Kickstarter campaign, they’ll have the funding to do this 4-year study and will be able to give out definite numbers regarding the expiration of the bars.

The Carnivore Bar


Whether it’s living a busy lifestyle, traveling the world, camping, or just being somewhere where food isn’t easily accessible – high-quality, portable food is a lifesaver. With the Carnivore Bar, you can have the nutrition of a steak in the convenience of a bar. Giving you a high-quality meal on the go.

The Carnivore Bar

Inspired by an Ancient Tradition

The idea of the Carnivore Bar was inspired by pemmican. It’s the traditional food made by indigenous people of North America and highly valued for its ease of transportation and its legendary shelf life. The only ingredients in traditional pemmican were dried meat and rendered fat. Since the meat was dried before being mixed with the fat, it allowed the pemmican to last for months or even years. All that without spoiling due to the lack of moisture in the food (just like a Carnivore Bar!). Traditionally used as a travel and survival food by the indigenous people, pemmican was adopted as a high-energy food source by Europeans involved in fur trading in the 1700s. Later on by the Arctic and Antarctic explorers in the 1900s. It’s truly a functional food and is great to have on hand for any situation.

New Variations of The Carnivore Bar

During 2020 we managed to stay afloat with all of the craziness that came with COVID-19; beef prices tripled, gloves were unattainable, and essential services were weeks out with delays. But they made it! And they also took the time to dial in their manufacturing processes and recipe, using feedback from their customers. They asked, and they’ve been listening. As a part of this campaign, they will be offering two new variations of The Carnivore Bar:

The Carnivore Bar

High Protein for an even better crunch. Ideal for those that are looking for a bar that has a lower fat content.

High Protein with Raw Honey for those who aren’t strict Carnivores and want a nutrient-dense, shelf-stable food to take on the go that’s extremely delicious.

How are they Different from the Original?

For anyone who is looking for a meal replacement or high-energy food, their Original Carnivore Bar is the bar for you. Higher in fat with Keto macros. It has 400 calories with approximately 80% of the calories from fat and 20% of the calories from protein*. It contains all the nutrients you need to get through your day without crashing or feeling hungry.

The Carnivore Bar

Their High Protein bars are ideal for those looking for a lower fat content and an even better crunch! At approximately 200 calories with 65% calories from fat and 35% calories from protein*, they are satiating and have less tallow which makes the bars crunchier and less dense than the Original Carnivore Bar.

And their new High Protein with Honey bars have just 3g of carbohydrates* and are delicious at any time of day. Adding honey was not a random choice – honey is ancestral and is anthropologically consistent with the diet of homo sapiens. Honey is also an integral part of the grassland’s ecosystem – grasslands depend on foragers to refresh and regenerate the soil. It allows for perennial grasslands and flowering plants to succeed. Flowers also need pollinators in order to survive, and this creates an ecosystem for thousands of animals to survive – the least of which is us, humans.

The Carnivore Bar

Grass-finished Bars vs. Grain-finished Bars

Their Grass-finished bars are savory, full-flavored, and ancestral. Untouched by industrial processes, they are definitely the flagship product of The Carnivore Bar! These bars are handmade from start to finish and support regenerative agriculture.

They source their grass-finished beef from Joyce Farms.

Their Grain-finished bars taste buttery, light, and crunchy with a salty pop that evokes feelings of eating buttered popcorn at the movie theater (but without the carbs!).

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