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The Coolest Coffee Table

A Beautiful, Built-To-Last Coffee Table… With a Secret.

The Coolest Coffee Table morphs utility and comfort with cutting edge features:

  • Pop-Up Tabletop Extension
  • Multiple Storage Compartments
  • Twin AC Power Stations
  • Twin USB Docking Ports
  • Double Bluetooth Speakers
  • Integrated Device Control Station
  • Two Beverage Cooling Fridges
  • In-Laid Drink Coasters
  • True Color Options To Suit Any Room
  • RGB Light Show Capability

You deserve state-of-the-art furniture that takes relaxation to a whole new level.

Everything you need to watch the big game, cozy-in for movie night, or just kick back and relax is perfectly integrated into a table that fits any vibe or decor.

There is one warning; Your friends will become so envious of your new relaxation centerpiece, they will want to spend more time at your place… they will NEVER want to leave! That’s because the Coolest Coffee Table is a coffee table, a work station, an entertainment center, a drink cooler, a storage center… and more! Neutral color schemes match perfectly no matter the theme or décor of your living space. No matter what team you root for, or how expansive your collectibles collection, the Coolest Coffee table is your perfect fit.

Sturdy, long-lasting, with the reliability that only comes from the top of the line components. Perfect for small spaces. The Coolest Coffee Table works in a studio suite, a dorm room, a mobile home, and more. Lose the wrenches and screwdrivers. The Coolest Coffee Table is ready to go to work in seconds.

Two safe and secure AC power sockets and twin USB ports allow for quick and easy charging for multiple devices.  Power up your laptop, phone, or game console, and then secure all the cords and cables in one of the hidden storage bins.

Your computer, tablet, remotes, controllers, snacks, or whatever else you need come to right to you. When you pop-up the mini table, you reveal a hidden storage compartment! Lots of room that’s perfect for a blanket for snuggling on cooler nights, or to stash extra treats.

Connect your TV, gaming console, computer, or phone to out of sight – but never out of range – speakers! The Coolest Coffee Table puts the controls in your hands. Boost the volume to the max or flip channels with ease.

 The Coolest Coffee Table features a Volume & Device Control Station.  What is your way to relax: watching videos, gaming, or just listening to your favorite tunes? The Coolest Coffee Table puts the controls in your hands. Boost the volume to the max or flip channels with ease.  

Pop open a cold can of your choice of beverage. No running to the kitchen. Just open the fridge compartment of the Coolest Coffee Table to reveal your private stash.  There’s one for you and one for a friend…or maybe the second one is all yours.

Coolest Coffee table comes with ample storage space for snacks, magazines, books, game consoles, and anything else you need. The Coolest Coffee Table fits and looks great in any living spaces. Make the most of every minute of your relaxation time with the Coolest Coffee Table. Functional design and professional craftsmanship that fits the budget and the room…   

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