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The Couch Console ✅

The Couch Console

Self-balancing cupholder, snack holder, phone stand, charging dock, remote tray, storage pocket. All in a light, compact & modular pack

The Couch Console

Introducing The Couch Console the perfect accessorize for working, gaming or relaxing in the comfort of your home. You will never have to compromise your ideal position on the couch or sofa. The Ebite team thought of everything!

The Couch Console

The gyroscope system ensures your cup will stay in a vertical position no matter how uneven or soft the surface you put the Couch Console on is.

The Cup Holder will fit most standard glasses, and you can also lock the system. To get the most out of it, they made the modules independent from one another so you can customize the layout just the way you like it.

The Couch Console

The Couch console comes as standard with four modules, one of each type and with its unique purpose. In time, based on your feedback, they will design more modules. An expandable table is available as an add-on.

Self-balancing cup holder so you don’t have to worry about keeping the CC on the flat surface.

The snack cup holds a decent snack portion also makes for a good storage space.

The organizer has phone holder so can see notifications. Provides space for other items (ex: remotes)

The spacer designed for when you need costume compartmentation.

Are you having two types of beverages? Just add two cup modules. 

Need to store more items? Just put the cup in the snack module and use the spacer to divide it accordingly. 

The Couch Console has a USB C plug on top. The USB C hub goes directly to the storage space where you can connect any external battery you have. 

They didn’t include a battery because most of us already have external batteries we can use, and it would unnecessarily increase the cost of the product.

Cables, batteries, evens snacks don’t have to stay scattered anymore – they’ve incorporated a generous storage area in the couch console where you can store all the essentials you need close by.

They’re doing their part in creating a product with minimal impact on the environment. The base of the CC is made out of recycled foam. This does not affect the quality but makes it environmentally friendly. Having the base made out of foam allows us to keep the weight down, making it easy to move around the house.   

Also, because the CC is a long-life product, it won’t become obsolete and thrown away like many everyday products. 

Each Couch Console comes with their four primary modules: one self-balancing cupholder, one snack cup, one spacer, and one organizer tray.

The Couch Console

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