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The Counter | A car-inspired bracelet

The Counter

Award-winning wrist wear with heritage that will last.

The Counter: product design and precision manufacturing combined in a bracelet you’d actually want to wear.

Ad Antic, a product design company is releasing a new type of bracelet with a design that’s inspired by iconic cars and the driving experience.

The Counter

The majority of bracelets on the market today look and feel like traditional jewelry. Extensive research is showing that while many people want to wear a wrist accessory, they don’t want to wear traditional jewelry. So, at Ad Antic they took a different approach: to design a bracelet using the same process and technology used in product development.

For the theme of their first bracelet, they looked to cars for inspiration. From Porsches to Hondas, Alfas to Jeeps, their goal was to reference these iconic cars in the form of a bracelet. And while there have been other attempts at car-inspired accessories, they wanted to be the first to do this well. The final design takes the best elements from iconic cars, including a component that is crucial to the driving experience: the tachometer.

The Counter

The Counter takes its name from the ‘rev counter.’

Why cars? When the designer Jinsop Lee was young, his family spent some time in Pakistan. It was here that his father received a free Mercedes from the Afghan embassy. It did come with a free bullet hole in the windshield. Later, his dad taught Jinsop how to drive. These driving lessons took place in the deserts of West Africa when he was 12 years old. Since then, he was having great experiences with cars and driving. As a product designer, he always wants to design a product that represents these experiences. So, he designed: a bracelet.

The Counter

To ensure a high-end product, the manufacturing process uses the same materials and techniques used in watchmaking. Components are precisely machined to exact tolerances, then hand-finished and assembled by serious people. The Counter is also fully recyclable, but hopefully, you’ll never want to. Ad Antic’s bracelets will last a very long time.

The Counter

Their manufacturer is based in Seoul, South Korea. With over 300 employees, their clients include the likes of Google, Amazon, Samsung, and Hewlett Packard.

With a shape that’s been refined and tested for all-day comfort, three different sizes are available for the perfect fit. The end result is a clean, simple design that matches any style and occasion, with a build quality that means you’ll pass The Counter on to the next generation.

The Counter

Ad Antic is also very happy to announce that their first product ‘The Counter’ got the Red Dot Design Award for 2021. The Red Dot is a prestigious international design award with a 60-year history. It’s usually awarded to products like cars and cellphones.

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