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Mobility Wall | The First-Ever Vertical Foam Rolling and Deep Tissue Massage

Revolutionary foam rolling & self-massage system that fits securely in any doorway. Experience recovery and relief in minutes at home!


This massage head allows for a smooth relaxing home massage to iron out muscles relieving tension and stress. The small diameter makes it easy to target smaller muscle groups like the neck, low back and shoulders.  


With its larger diameter and smooth textured surface, the large ball is ideal for targeting larger muscle groups like the mid back, chest/shoulder, glute/hamstring and psoas.  


The fork attachment is not only great to use on the back of your neck but also around the Achilles’ tendon and along your hamstring. The prongs of the fork can be utilized to target and relieve tension in any major muscle group.


This advanced attachment is great for micro-targeting massaging high tension areas in the body. Use this head to reach difficult locations on your body like alongside your spine, the calves, between your toes and the bottom of your foot. 

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Mobility wall arrives fully assembled and quick-mounts onto any door frame so you can experience tension relief within minutes. Built onto a high tension rail system, Mobility Wall keeps you up on your feet and off the floor.

The system attaches to any door frame and is easily adjustable —  it doesn’t require any tools. The L-plates hold the door frame securely without leaving any marks or scratches, and it’s dual locking mechanism increases stability and ensures safety. Mobility Wall is lightweight and can easily adjust to any height.

Mobility Wall is a versatile massage tool that utilizes a patent pending split foam roller design that lets you decide the type of work your body needs.

The high-density EVA foam and individual massage heads provide the perfect combination to work out common trouble spots like the neck, shoulders, low back, biceps, hip flexors, inner thighs, lats and more.

Use the single roller for a more traditional approach, choose one of the four deep tissue massage heads, or easily remove the massage heads to take advantage of both rollers at the same time.

Mobility Wall has a very small footprint and can be easily stored in a closet, under the bed or wherever is convenient for you.

Plus, it’s lightweight and extremely durable making it the perfect tool for you to bring on trips or to use on virtually any door frame. 

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