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The Misen Oven Steel | Precise cooking & better browning, for a lifetime

The Misen Oven Steel is a gamechanger for the home cook.

Even fancy home ovens have trouble maintaining a specific temperature. As your oven slowly cools, the heating elements switch on and off, over and over, causing the temperature to fluctuate constantly. So, while your oven is displaying 350ºF, in reality, it could be anywhere between 300ºF and 400ºF. That’s a huge deviation!

the misen oven

When your oven’s temperature is always wrong, it makes cooking harder.

Chaotic temperature swings and “hot spots” are the enemy of great cooking. Without an accurate, even oven temperature, cooking becomes a frustrating game of guesswork, with unpredictable outcomes.

the misen oven

The fact is, if you can’t rely on your oven’s temperature, then you can’t rely on your timing, either.

It acts as a thermal battery, keeping your oven within 5-10 degrees of the temperature you want.

The Misen Oven Steel takes advantage of steel’s high thermal mass. Once it’s hot, it buffers and replenishes the heat inside your oven, making any rises or dips much, much less extreme. So instead of big swings of 30 to 50 degrees, your oven’s temperature stays within a window of 5 to 10 degrees.

Veggies, roasts, whole birds, pizza crusts — everything browns better.

When your oven is working in your favor, then great cooking becomes so much easier.

The principles that make the Misen Oven Steel great for baking apply to everything else in the oven. Consistent temperatures and internal thermal masses make roasting, braising, broiling, and oven searing much more effective, and the results that much more delicious.

Just leave it in your oven. No need to find extra space.

Unlike most kitchen tools, you don’t have to worry about finding extra space in your kitchen. It’s designed to be permanently stored in your oven. Just leave it inside, and your oven will work better, forever.

Their unique modular design gives two or more steels even more applications.

The real magic behind a slightly smaller design is its versatility.

the misen oven

Single steel is 10” x 13.5” — the perfect size for quarter-sheet roasting pans, and small enough that you can move it around without breaking your back. When you combine two plates of steel side by side, the total surface area is greater than any steel on the market, in a format that’s still easy to move around.

And you can place them on different racks, or in different zones of your oven, to provide a heat source both above and below your foods for more intense browning, and even better heat buffering. It’s a trick used in professional kitchens to get crispier crusts and reliable oven sears.

the misen oven

Stones can crack in your oven, and they transfer heat poorly.

They were inspired by the steels and stones already on the market but noticed a few big flaws. Ceramic stones are notorious for cracking and breaking in your oven, either from temperature shock, or an accidental bump. And stone and ceramic materials do a poor job of transferring heat to the foods in contact with it.

The Misen Oven Steel is indestructible.

the misen oven

Its A36 carbon steel provides an unparalleled degree of heat transfer, for crispier crusts and faster browning.

Sheet pan meals, roasts, cakes, cookies, pizzas… everything will come out better.

The Misen Oven Steel is a gamechanger for the home cook. It doesn’t improve a single style or method of oven cooking — it improves all of them. So, if you braise a pot roast for dinner, then bake a pie for dessert, your oven steel will get you more consistent heating and a better end result for both.

the misen oven

They began by testing materials, thickness, and size over several months to perfect the oven steel. Oven calibration tests were conducted, considered every type of steel for optimizing its thermal mass, and scrutinized countless recipes to ensure that our oven steel genuinely improves your cooking. They settled on 6 millimeters of A36 steel, for a high degree of thermal mass per square inch, and a smaller size that can be configured as multiples, making them easier to handle, and more versatile.

The result is oven steel that offers manageable weight, that browns better, and makes your oven more precise.

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