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The Only Watch With Half Dial Day&Night Mode | HYPERION

HYPERION: the only Watch with half dial Day&Night mode.

The only watch in the World with Half dial Day&Night mode.

SBW: always a step forward on watchmaking.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Meet the only watch with half dial Day and Night mode, HYPERION.

HYPERION watch changes the way we see the time. In balance with nature, this watch will always bring balance with you.
Don’t just watch, go ahead and get yours today!

We often face a busy world. The time to be kept constantly and nervously marked, when we are seated within the walls of an office.
We wanted to change this way of seeing time. We think that having a watch that can help you relax just by seeing it, it can help you live better.

The slow passing of time, in its design of ying-yang balance, is entrusted to the cycle of the moon and the sun.
You will never lose your compass and it will be like taking a breath of fresh air every time you see it.

But the improvement does not end there: how to make this object simple and compelling? Just making it a design watch.

You will always be able to carry your balance with you, without covering yourself with useless data like current smartwatches but only with the essentials: balance, life, cycle.

Time will no longer become an exercise in which you lock yourself in, but a pleasant way to spend it.
Whether it’s for an adventure or for everyday life, do not give up on style and your inner peace.

Ying Yang – In balance with nature.

Peace, Christina



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