The Origami | The ultimate home office Desk Organizer

The Origami: the ultimate home office Desk Organizer

A Desk organizer designed to super charge your work productivity. Premium material Crafted by world class manufacturer

The Origami: the ultimate home office Desk Organizer

What is a “paper-folding desktop set”? 

The desk set consists of 8 products that correspond formally and functional with each other. The design concept was inspired by the traditional origami paper folding art and transferred into a modern production process by using sheet metal.

Starting from the concept of structural principles and geometric figures. They refer to the Eastern Origami craft and the aesthetic language of Western cubism, in consideration to enhance the overall visual perception of the design through the combination of layering and geometric depth.

The Origami: the ultimate home office Desk Organizer

Why do I choose your paper-folding desktop set?

  • Their products use all metal materials, which are not only practical but also stylish and beautiful. The practical and stable material is both environmentally friendly and recyclable. With the aim of using as few parts as possible for each product, most of them consist of only one piece of iron sheet. 
  •  This set of products can be used not only in the office, but also as a good home decoration. 
  • Some of them can be used in two different ways (vertical or horizontal). With their formal clarity, they are always recognizable as belonging to each other. 
  •  Their prices are very reasonable, and the quality of their products is absolutely worthy of their prices.

The Origami: the ultimate home office Desk Organizer

This office desktop set is both multi-functional and decorative, not only satisfying the daily office needs, but also adding a stylish atmosphere to the home space with an elegant and emotional design.

From the perspective of design style, their triangular deconstructed half-encircling design highlights its structural layering and rational aesthetics with its neat construction, clear lines and delicate presentation. 

They have achieved a balance between function and form by taking advantage of the similarities between the material characteristics of sheet metal and paper. The softness of paper and the hardness of sheet metal are stylistically blended, both the line and surface make a harmonious fineness.

Their “paper-folding desktop set” has advanced design with a better price. It can be used forever after one purchase! Excellent design will bring a completely different visual experience. The “paper-folding desktop set” uses all metal materials, so the life cycle of these products will be very long. The prices of similar products on the market are very high and many of them are not all metal but just metal mesh.

They have a lot of project experience to ensure you get the perfect product. A pilot production round was part of our design process. The test lasted more than a year without any problems. 

Paperworld offers the world’s widest range of products in commercial office supplies (visionary office) and the private stationery sector (stationery trends).

The Origami: the ultimate home office Desk Organizer

Sentisina design is an international design team of designers (ID designer, UI Designer, UX Designer) and Professional managers (Senior Technical Consultant, Branding experience Manager), connected with investors and marketing experts to achieve a smooth transformation from the first design concept to the final product. 

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