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The ROAM Sling | Versatile Bags with Innovative Laptop Carry

WANDRD a company that exists to inspire people to get out and live passionate lives. To wander doesn’t mean just outdoors or far away from home, but those who are constantly exploring, wherever they are. Whether in a city or in the backcountry, across the ocean, or in their own backyard. You should be able to worry about what you are doing and not about what you are carrying, and that is where they come in with The Roam Sling.

The ROAM Sling

The Roam Sling is a beautiful and innovative camera-slash-everyday bag perfect for those that want their cake and want to eat it too.

It may look small, but this baby can carry everything you need. For a full day of shooting, working, snacking, and all-around butt-kicking. Additionally, and it can fit a 16″ laptop.

The ROAM Sling

The problem with most slings is that you have to leave your laptop at home. Well, not anymore! Their new Laptop Cases are weatherproof, create an ergonomic stand for your laptop wherever you go. Integrating beautifully into the ROAM Sling with their new patent-pending design. Sick!

The ROAM Sling

Some testers have reported never wanting to take the ROAM Sling off. It’s THAT comfortable. They’ve designed a reversible 5-point adjustment system that ensures extreme levels of comfort. No matter your body type or which shoulder you prefer to carry the sling on. Feeling extra adventurous? The stow-away lockdown strap secures the bag in place and is perfect for hiking, cycling, or spontaneous parkour.

They’ve also designed an expandable water bottle and tripod pocket with secure and easy access, pockets.

Moreover, you can find the key clip, dividers, and other thoughtful organization throughout the bag and lightning-quick access.

The ROAM Sling

Big and open access into the main compartment of the Roam Sling ensures that your camera gear… or a tasty snack… is always just a moment away.

As with all of their products, the ROAM Sling is completely weatherproof thanks to using only premium materials. And it comes with their Wander More Worry Less lifetime guarantees to back it up!

The ROAM Sling

That shoulder is the roam sling hugs closely to your body and stays comfortably secure. While you’re on the move, need the bag even more secure, no problem, you wild stallion! In other words, the stowaway lockdown strap, is perfect for hiking cycling, or spontaneous parkour.

As with all WANDRD products, this sling is made of premium materials designed to be insanely weather resistant and comes with their Most importantly, Wander more worry-less lifetime guarantees to make sure this is a long-term relationship, not just a summer fling. Now quit dragging your feet and hit the button below to get swinging.

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