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The Space Safe | The first real smart safe

The Space Safe

The most technologically advanced safe created; WiFi, App, Cameras, LCD display, Guest Access, & more. oh & it doesn’t look like a safe

The Space Safe

The Space Safe 2 is the most advanced smart safe. Connect to WiFi and monitor everything with the interior and exterior cameras. Notifications via The Space App keep you a click away from your most precious valuables. The Space Safe features a sleek design, tempered glass door, and an enormous LCD touchscreen, rendering it totally discreet to thieves … and more.

When you leave, do it with peace of mind. Thanks to intuitive monitoring and notifications, you’re never more than a click away from your most precious valuables. The hidden external cameras’ live feed lets you see who is on the outside from anywhere in the world.

Stop a thief and intruder in the moment!

The Space Safe


  • 10″ Touchscreen LCD Display with tempered glass
  • The lifestyle of The Space Safe 2 in the closet – Look how discreet and hidden – it doesn’t look like a safe!
  • Exterior Outer Camera Feed
  • Inner Camera Video Feed App
  • Multiple Users – Up to 4
  • Temporary PIN for Guest Access
  • The accelerometer detects tampering and movement and will put your safe in lockdown mode.
  • Access your safe with the advanced Biometric Fingerprint Sensor.
  • USB-C Power with Rechargeable Battery. If the power goes out, you will receive a notification.
  • Weighs approximately 40 LBS

Introducing Airbnb Mode for The Space Safe – Make it easy for your guests and for you.

The Space Safe

They focused on what was important to the user, rather than what was important to the company. They created a quality product from the ground up that they are happy to call their own. Their hearts, minds, and even weekends were poured into this new project.

The team consists of an experienced consumer expert with over 13 years of developing products that people use in their everyday lives.  An experienced industrial engineer who worked over 4 years at one of the largest safe companies.  Their design and marketing guru has over 20 years of experience at the largest consumer brands you know. Their electrical engineer and coders have developed world-class apps and products you see daily.

The Space Safe

Packaged in a sleek and innovative design that fits where you want it to discreetly, where no one needs to know. The door includes a massive 10-inch touch display and a one-millimeter thick tempered glass screen, equipped with an advanced biometric sensor that allows access from any angle. With plenty of room for all your valuables and two led strips that fully light the interior.

An optional removable shelf allows for extra storage and installs in seconds. Charge any device with the two inner USB ports.

Check on your valuables from anywhere with the stealthy built-in camera.

The Space Safe

So, you’re protected from open to shut. Add access for the users you trust, grant temporary access for emergencies or visitors with a one-time pin code. Two-Way talk allows you to speak, hear and see what’s going on anytime anywhere. Use the app to set temperature and humidity alerts and customize the exterior lights to be the color and brightness level you choose.

Motion sensing accelerometers detect any unwanted movement, so intruders don’t stand a chance. For optimum security, keep tabs on the never-ending activity log. Plugin the discrete USB-C adapter into any active outlet for continuous power.

The Space Safe

If the power goes out, the hidden backup lithium-ion battery activates to keep your device running. Over the air updates, ensure you are current with constantly evolving features, keep watch and if you don’t recognize who is on the outside easily lock down your device, sound an alarm, and notify. Built to 911 up to 3 300 pounds of force to arm what matters most. Be in total control of the space safe too.

Developing secure and user-friendly products for your space.

The Space Safe

If you have a security system, that’s plenty of time for an intruder to steal whatever they want. That’s why they created The Space Safe. They’ve taken a bulky blend, outdated product and injected it with the latest technology.

Safes haven’t changed in over 20 years and they still look like the boxes from over 100 years ago. Before Bonnie and Clyde’s era. And they’re here to bring them to the 21st century. If someone attempts to access your safe instantly, get notified and watch the live feed.

The patent-pending space save was designed to help you secure your valuables, no matter where you are. With remote monitoring, internal and external cameras, multiple user profiles, guest access, a touchscreen display and so much more. Oh, and the best part is it doesn’t even look like a safe.

Gone are the days of huge dials with small numbers and clunky handles. The Space Safe, sleek design looks like an iPad and will protect everything you own.

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