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Thinking Egg 2.0 – It’s Time To Slow Down

Thinking Egg 2 - It’s Time To Slow Down

A useful tool to help remind us to slow down. Over 100,000 units sold to date – They’re back where it all started with 4 new elements.

They discovered that many people -including themselves – use their overstimulation as a badge of honor; The more they work, the “better”. They wish to steer far from that socially created attitude as well as create a tool to advise us to slow down, be more mindful, present, and in general a lot more conscious in our daily life.

For centuries, throughout various societies around the world, the egg has represented life, fortune, and hope. Their goal was to make use of all-natural products that can work in harmony with the egg’s basic yet exciting symbology and layout.

Designed at 17mm wide and 23.38 mm tall, the Thinking Egg has been ergonomically developed to really feel wonderful in your hands while being incredibly mobile.

The Thinking Egg II is offered in 4 all-natural materials that hold specific residential or commercial properties. They encourage consumers to choose the Thinking Egg/s they can relate to the majority of based upon their particular metaphysical high qualities.

Thinking Egg II | It's Time To Slow Down

Whichever reward you choose, they’re giving all their early-bird adopters a discounted price, just offered below on Kickstarter. You’ll have the ability to pick which Thinking Egg/s you would certainly like to get in their post-campaign backer study.

This month three years ago they introduced their really initial campaign called the Thinking Egg. Having more than 4,500 supports from all parts of the world supporting their goal and design was amazing.

Fast forward to today – they’ve shipped over 100,000 Thinking Eggs to over 80 nations. They’re unbelievably delighted for all their customers to experience the Thinking Egg II as well as to continue their goal of promoting self-health and wellness with the products they created.

This isn’t their initial rodeo. They’ve been privileged sufficient to get funding and supply ahead of timetable on their past 2 campaigns. They’ll aim to continue that identical practice comes fulfillment time for your Thinking Egg/s.

At Orijin Design Company, they make every effort to slow things down and deliberately think of designs and systems that can be made better. In a world flooded with information and stimulations, they aim to sympathetically link form and function, making layouts as well as systems that provide for the space to be present and mindful every day.

Thinking Egg II | It's Time To Slow Down

They’re really excited to share The Thinking Egg II with the Kickstarter area as well as to create an area of their own made up of individuals that want to slow down, be extra mindful, existing, and overall – even more aware in our day-to-day.

Environmental commitments

See their Environmental Resources Center to find out how Kickstarter urges lasting practices.

Durable style

Developed to be on your side for as long as you’re alive, every single Thinking Egg has been very carefully crafted to make sure top quality and sturdiness.

Sustainable materials

Not even a bit of plastic is used to develop the Thinking Eggs/our packaging. They are proud of that and happy to maintain creating designs that are fully recyclable, eco-friendly, or compostable, giving the planet a little rest from the consistent environmental problems brought on by synthetic products, fabrication, and waste.

Thinking Egg II | It's Time To Slow Down

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