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THRiVE | Turn Food Waste into Ready-to-Use Compost Easily


2.5H Super Fast Processing Time | Multi Recyclable Waste Options | Intelligent Protections | Silent & Eco-Friendly | Easy to Use

THRiVE Launches Innovative Device to Effortlessly Turn Food Waste Into Organic Fertilizer.

A respected team of industrial designers and kitchen appliance experts just announced the launch of THRiVE. An innovative device that automatically turns leftovers and food waste into natural organic fertilizer for gardens and house plants. Now, homeowners can save costs and reduce waste in an effortless way. The THRiVE countertop composter is available now for pre-order.


THRiVE is a smart waste recycling machine that transforms kitchen waste and food scraps into 100% organic ready-to-use fertilizer in just 2.5 hours. Its super-fast, silent, recycling speed means greater efficiency and an eco-friendly solution to leftovers. THRiVE can recycle nearly all kitchen food waste and reduce the volume by up to 80% while cutting the weight up to 90% or more. Vegetables, meats, bones, dairy products, and more.


Much of the garbage produced in the home is leftover food waste. Simply tossing this food in the bin causes unpleasant odors and means more garbage to landfills. Composting food is an environmentally friendly way to save money, clean up kitchens and create organic compost for gardens. But until now, traditional composting techniques required large, costly composting bins and regular maintenance. Therefore, THRiVE takes the hassle out of composting. It’s fast, efficient, energy-saving, and is as easy as pressing a button.


Typical composting techniques require large areas for bins that can store waste. Regular tumbling or manual mixing of the material is required and this time-consuming process can take up to 3 weeks.

THRiVE takes the time, effort, and hard work out of composting.


It can hold up to 2.5L of material and is super energy efficient at only 0.17KW peruse, working silently by grinding and heating the food waste automatically to create dry, 100% organic compost. Moreover, it works odor-free using an active carbon filter and comprehensive safety protections including thermostat, energy-saving control, thermal protection and more are built-in for safe household use.

THRiVE is an eco-Friendly, odor-Friendly & budget-friendly path toward a greener future.


Fill. Energize and compost! So, no more extra settings or complicated operations, plug it in and you’re ready to go. Directly place waste and scraps into the 2.5L stainless container, close the lid, press the button and get fast results! Additionally, THRiVE works automatically and silently in the background, heating and grinding to transform food scraps into organic compost. It turns off after the cycle is complete and your flowers, plants, backyard vegetables, and garden will thrive in an effortless way thanks to the nutrient-rich natural compost produced daily.


With THRiVE, you don’t need to clean up a big mess after using it. In other words, simply put the stainless-steel bucket in the dishwasher after the recycling process, clean it, and you are done!

Unlike traditional composting methods that can take weeks, THRiVE accelerates the breakdown of organic waste into optimal soil enrichment material for better plant growth without any bad-smelling odors. It works so you don’t have to, saving you time, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and creating eco-friendly compost for your plant and garden.

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