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Ting | The World’s Most Compact Premium TWS Earbuds

Ting: The World’s Most Compact Premium TWS Earbuds

Metal Hollow Design | Touch Control | Thinnest Charging Capsule | 30hr Playback | Noise Reduction | Separate Connection | BT5.0

Introducing Ting, the world’s most compact premium TWS earbuds, which snug fit into your ears, with greatly crafted metal matte texture, low power consumption Bluetooth 5.0 separate connection and highly responsive touch control.

It provides premium listening experience like none of your earbuds. What’s more, with the advanced built-in chipset algorithm and dual mic environment noise cancelling, making phone calls in public locations is just a breeze.

True wireless earbuds are great in removing tangled wires but we think there’s still room for improvements. Typical earbuds in the market are mostly made of plastic which are easily scratched, worn and torn. And with design of all shapes and variants, they don’t necessarily provide easy-to-manage experience.

Superior to other products, Ting is exquisitely crafted with the most compact aluminum structure, providing not only the high-level minimalist looking, but stable performance, robustness, easy-to-maintain property. Sized at 57.5 * 46 * 18mm, it fits right in the palm. Whenever you take the charging capsule out, flip to open the cover, it feels like a box of mints.

The metal hollow design is custom made and strategically lets the cross section of each earbud to face up so that they never fall out and ensures safe connection and charging in any occasion!

The whole body is anti-scratch, anti-tarnish, long lasting that provides the most intuitive experience. It is by now the tiniest Next-Gen TWS earbuds.

One complaint that you may have on other TWS earbuds is the interruption when you swift from one earbud to the other or when one of them is drain out of battery. Utilizing the cutting edge TrueWireless Mirroring Technology, each of the Ting earbuds is connected to your device independently to ensure in the circumstance when one earbud drop off line, the other keeps the task go on seamlessly.

Whenever you’re listening to music, podcast, watching videos, playing games, making calls, forever gone is the sudden interruption.

Ting is designed to include highly responsive touch control panel on each earbud so that you may access pre/next track, answer/hang out call, volume up/down, call Siri/Google Assistant without having to pulling out your phone.

The touch sensitive area is delicately optimized so when you tap once, twice or 3 times, the earbuds respond correctly and quickly like a smart in-ear companion. Enjoy real wireless listening experience!

Everybody had the experience having other earbuds fall out when moving or feeling extremely stressful and painful wearing them and definitely HATE it. Bearing in mind to make a pair of earbuds that is comfy fit and secure to wear lets us to set off.

Their engineers devoted countless hours into the research and study of different ear canals and collecting feedback of real listeners and finally decided on the semi in-ear design on Ting – it stays secure right there no matter you’re commuting, jogging, or going all out at the gym.

Most importantly, the earbuds won’t squeeze the ear canals, what you’ll feel is even nothing for a day long wearing.

Each earbud is equipped with built-in chipset noise cancelling technology and dual mics to effectively filter noises from your surroundings so that you can have clear conversation even if it is in the street, railway station or airport.

The external mic listens to unwanted ambient noises and filters out up to 30dB in real time with adaptive beamforming, so that you may immerse yourself in the music while keeping alert of the traffic, broadcast or alarm.

Ting comes with Bluetooth 5.0, the most advanced and stable wireless technology, featuring quicker data transfer, lower latency, higher level of stability and less power consumption. Enjoying a non-obstacle transfer range of 30 feet, your Ting will pair automatically in an unnoticeable instant.

The slimmest design doesn’t mean we would sacrifice sound quality. In fact, Ting is probably the best sounding earbuds that you always look for on mid-priced earbuds.

You may enjoy playing games, viewing online programs or having facetime with no lag, no interruption, only seamless premium sound. Moreover, when you take the earbuds off your ears, they will intelligently pause to save energy. When you put them back to the charging capsule, they will turn off to start charging. You’ll never have to find out how to pair, or wasting time navigating menus.

Each Ting earbud lasts for 6 hours for playback, 5.5 hours for phone conversation, 70 hours for standby. The charging capsule is 300mAh, so a total of max 30 hours of playtime keeps your day at dynamic beats wherever you go.

When the charging capsule is out of energy, you may plug in a USB C cable for a fast charging. Ting is by now the thinnest and most compact model to equip with this advanced feature.

Ting has a 13mm high quality driver in each independent sound chamber, producing high definition sound, balanced mid frequencies and powerful bass. Wearing the earbuds does not only bring pleasant feeling because they look cool, stylist but also allows you to truly enjoy the premium sound like high-end products can do.

They are the Ting, a headphone design team who is composed of designers, acoustic engineers, structure engineers, hardware and software engineers. To develop a “none of this type” headphone is their mission.

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