Tinipak | The First Modular School Backpack for Kids

Tinipak modular school backpack

Smart features and functional organization for students in a simple, streamlined bag weighing only 660 grams.

Tinipak | The First Modular School Backpack for Kids

Meet the Tinipak creator, Hoang – a dad of two youngsters. He had a hard time finding the right backpack for primary school. A lot of the knapsacks that he saw before were way too big, too hefty, and unfit for his child’s body. Their functions and design were too flashy and bulky. To sum up, they failed to satisfy his expectations for a school backpack.

Tinipak The First Modular School Backpack for Kids

Hoang’s hobby was collecting and dealing with backpacks for a long time. He had a desire to design a suitable backpack for his little kid. This was the powerful motivator for him to make his idea come to life. It took him almost 2 years to develop his very first variation, called TiniBox. And hence Tinipak was born.

Tinipak The First Modular School Backpack for Kids

Presently, kids do not need to bring numerous accessories as their schools have lockers for them to keep their belongings. Nonetheless, most knapsacks still have difficult designs that include several incompatible features. Tinipak is at the center of a minimalist and modular design – flexibly incorporating accessories.

Tini – symbolizes the smallness of children from the word ”tiny”. Pak – Short for Pack (Backpack) suggests a backpack.

Tinipak is a knapsack brand for primary school students.

With the “Let’s fly” slogan, they will create the lightest backpack for them to “fly” freely to school.

He launched the first variation in Vietnam in August 2020. It received a massive number of compliments from domestic residents and international followers. They appreciated the recommendations and feedback from the first fans. So, they made every effort to ideal this version to release on Kickstarter and bring this idea to the globe.

Choice of color, Pakers (patches), and delivery information will be gathered at the end of the project.

The neat box shape style brings an equilibrium that assists children in easily placing the backpack on the table and dropping it to the ground without falling over. Outstanding zipper chains create highlights for the backpack.

Tinipak The First Modular School Backpack for Kids

Pakers are a collection of patches. You can change them for various special events, making them better than fixed and dull stickers on other knapsacks.

They made them for the international version and updated consistently. Each of their items (TiniBox, TiniCard, TiniPenbox, as well as TiniPencilbox) included a Paker.

Tinipak The First Modular School Backpack for Kids

The hassle-free magnetically attached chest strap helps to maintain the bands from slipping off children’s little shoulders.

In inadequate light conditions, like early morning, in the rain, or night, the reflective strips on the front of the knapsack and 2 straps are very visible to any traffic, avoiding mishaps.

With the desire to supply helpful functions for youngsters to school on a daily basis, Tinipak has actually researched and effectively incorporated TiniCard for the global variation.

Tinipak The First Modular School Backpack for Kids

You can also easily remove TiniFile to make the backpack a large space for different uses such as sporting activities, traveling, and so on.

After a long time of study and monitoring, they found that kids often have problems accessing ID cards and money. Various other backpacks in the market can’t accomplish any kind of functions to facilitate them swiftly and conveniently. Tinipak with a modular layout helps kids really feel much more comfortable when they bring it to school.

Tinipak The First Modular School Backpack for Kids

When everything remains in one pocket, like with other pen cases, it can be turbulent for kids to find what they need. Moreover, it is tough to tell at a glimpse what may be missing out. This is a part of the reason that kids forget their things.

All products are separately set up which prevents students from forgetting or losing their items.

Tools such as a ruler and protractor are both specially designed by Tinipak to help youngsters conveniently see figures. Everything is included.

They have spent the last 2 years investigating the stages and materials to develop a backpack. It took them 18 months of failing to design a stunning product on paper that was also tough to integrate into practice. From this very first lesson, nonetheless, they obtained fantastic experiences and understanding to make Tinipak’s very first product.

The very best item has to be perfect in every detail, and an example of this is designing a long-lasting zipper head that is simple for children’s little hands to hold and pull. Being a tiny start-up like Tinipak, they were so pleased to encourage YKK, the no. 1 zipper brand in the world, to become their partner.

Tinipak The First Modular School Backpack for Kids

For the growth of Paker, after researching lots of partners around international, they are proud of all Paker made by Vietnamese people. They have printed on various materials to accomplish the perfect coating, keep the liveliest colors for more enjoyment for the kids.

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