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TOMO | Easy Connect Dog Gear

A minimally designed, easy-to-connect, leash, collar, and harness set that will make your life easier and your dog more stylish.

TOMO is minimal dog gear for those who care about design and user experience. Therefore, every detail of their products — the material, the hardware, the functionality — has a perfect design to make your life easier. TOMO lets you spend less time worrying about your gear and more time enjoying your dog.


Firstly, their custom easy connect system is user-friendly and has a beautiful design. Simply connect their one-of-a-kind latch to swiftly secure your pup across all of their products. TOMO walking sets allow you to easily and safely attach and remove your dog’s gear.



No more fumbling with buckles or plastic clips while trying to get your pup ready for a walk. With TOMO you can easily put on your dog’s collar in seconds.


Leash to collar

No more reaching under your dog’s neck to grab the D-ring and swinging it around in order to connect your leash. Their leash clip stays on the back of your dog’s neck so you always know exactly where to connect.

Leash to harness

Moreover, their harness also conveniently features their TOMO clip so you can easily move your leash from your collar to your harness.



Brunch trips just got a whole lot easier with our easy handle. You won’t ever have to unclip your leash in order to tie up your dog. With TOMO, you can easily unlatch your handle to tether your dog.

  • Press the two buttons to unlock the latch and make a connection.
  • Once the buttons are released, the latch is securely locked.
  • The only way to remove the latch is to press the buttons and pull them apart.

TOMO offers a leash, collar, and harness that all work together as a cohesive system. Having the same latch across their line of products makes your every day easier. No longer worry about mismatched products with different attachment methods. TOMO simplifies your dog handling experience.


Comfortable and stylish, their leash makes you want to bring your dog everywhere with you. Forget about scratchy ropes or tangled nylon webbing. Their leash is tangle-resistant, washable, and soft to the touch. Minimal design, maximum convenience.

Easy handle

TOMO leash features an easy handle that provides endless opportunities. In other words, easily tether your dog to your chair at a restaurant or tether to your bag or belt loop for a hands-free walk.

Integrated dispenser

Their waste bag dispenser is designed just for their leash, mounted flush, and adjustable to the perfect position. It is easily clipped onto the leash so you are always ready when duty calls. No more dangling waste bag holders or forgotten bags.



Their collar is designed without any clunky d-rings or plastic buckles, creating a sleek look and feel. Your dog is guaranteed to stand out from all of the other dogs at the park with TOMO’s modern design.

Silent name tag

A special collar deserves a special name tag. Their name tag is designed to fit perfectly flush against your dog’s collar without making a sound.

Easy adjuster

TOMO features an easy adjusting system that removes buckles, loops, or excess material. Simply insert the pin into the correct hole for the desired fit.


Comfortable, stylish, and easy to use. Their harness lets you quickly and safely take your dog with you wherever you go. Strap in, attach your leash, and you are ready to go.

Easy on

TOMO’s design makes it easy to put on your harness. Simply attach the Velcro strap and you are ready to connect your leash.


Thoughtful design

TOMO harness is thoughtfully designed to be comfortable for dogs of different shapes and sizes. The custom-cut minimizes rubbing on your dog’s armpits. Their harness is made of durable materials that are easily cleaned and comfortable for your pup.

Their products feature washable, waterproof, scuff, and odor resistant BioThane© coated webbing throughout that can be easily wiped down to look and smell brand new.

No need for a drawer of dog gear anymore. Replace all of your gear with dog gear made to last.


They’ve created their products as strong as they are easy to use.  Their latch has gone through extensive strength testing so you know you are safe if your dog sees a squirrel. TOMO is currently rated for dogs up to 70lb in weight.

They believe it’s about time dog gear got with the times. No more clunky buckles and clips. Gone are the days of smelly collars and leashes. TOMO’s minimal design looks great with any modern style, no matter if it’s in use or waiting for your next adventure.

$25k – Waste Bag Clip Now Available as Add-on!

Their waste bag clip is now available as an add-on.  It clips onto their leash the same way their Dispenser and Nametag attach, allowing you to easily clip in your used waste bags so you don’t have to hold onto them or sneakily throw them in a neighbor’s trash can.


35k – TOMO Wall Mount

Their Wall Mount allows you to hang your TOMO leash in style. Always have TOMO where you need it when you need it. Their Wall Mount features the same clip you find on your collar, harness, or handle, so it is the same easy connection you are used to.

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