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TOSY Flying Duo | LED Boomerang & Flying Disc

TOSY Flying Duo

9-Axis Motion Tracking | AI. Analysis | 3D Simulation | GPS | Bluetooth | Super Bright LEDs

Check out the major update on your favorite outdoor activity brand;

Smart Golf Disc & 360 LED Flying Disc & Boomerang

Being active while having fun at the same time – it doesn’t get much better than that! People all over the world enjoy playing outside. Whether it is for competitive games or family fun play. Especially today, when it is preferable to spend as much time outside as possible.

TOSY Flying Duo

Most people know how to play frisbee, now it’s time to take the flying disc to a whole new level with TOSY. A worldwide patented and Guinness World Records holder Boomerang and Flying Disc that ensures to bring you great enjoyment!

Today RoboFi LLC is introducing its long-awaiting Kickstarter campaign The TOSY Flying Duo.

It’s the globe’s very first boomerang and flying disc set equipped with LED lights, an Expert Ultimate game setting, and smart packaging for both professional and newbies. This premium, exterior sporting activities innovation is easy to use. In other words, making it suitable for any age, or the ideal gift for an active family/friends’ vacation.

Let’s just say that the packaging of the Boomerang and Flying Disc will amaze you almost as much as the product itself.

Both Boomerang and Disc are outfitted with very brilliant LEDs that shine radiantly in the dark. Not to mention that batteries can last for hrs of play and are conveniently rechargeable with USB Type-C.

  • TOSY Boomerang:
    • Extremely simple to launch and aim for precise comeback for players of all ages and levels.
    • US, EU, Japan, Korea and China patents are granted for this product and its returning feature.
    • Can fly up to 50 feet high and 100 feet far.
    • First ever round-shaped Boomerang allows for safer and easier catching compared to traditional ones.
    • Expert players can also challenge themselves with a variety of techniques and trick shots.
    • Diverse play styles: exact return, fly straight, hang on ceiling/wall /floor …
    • Smart rechargeable LEDs light up when launched, creating a beautiful effect at night.
    • Guinness World Records for most Boomerangs juggled (during application process)
  • TOSY Flying Disc:
    • Meets all the requirements for professional Ultimate game (175gr in weight, high precision and stability).
    • 360 LED lights attached around the disc that makes playing at night a mesmerizing experience.
    • The light will automatically turn off after 10 seconds if the disc is not thrown. Which will be a game-changer for all future Ultimate game.
    • Guinness World Records for Most LED lights on a flying disc (during application process).

The Flying Duo is available today on Kickstarter for a discounted rate of $72. Includes both the TOSY Flying Disc and TOSY Boomerang. Both components of The Flying Duo have incredible light effects.

The Flying Duo is rechargeable and durable, made of high-quality water-resistant and floatable materials.

The TOSY Boomerang breaks the stereotype of typical boomerangs, making the possibilities endless. The resilience, the precision, the LED lighting, and the hang time are just some of the things to point out with this ingenious product.

Both The Disc and Boomerang each feature special components. For a mesmerizing night play, the patent-pending TOSY Flying Disc consists of 360 LEDs that are set into 6 various brightness levels as well as timer modes for different environments and preferences. Furthermore, the TOSY Boomerang includes a self-return function, which is trademarked worldwide. Also, a one-of-a-kind round shape makes it more secure to capture than conventional boomerangs. This means it is more suitable for younger players.

TOSY Flying Duo

The TOSY Flying Duo’s key features include:

  • Smart package — The TOSY Flying Duo comes in an innovative package that allows players to easily carry both the TOSY Boomerang and TOSY Flying Disc on the go.
  • Rechargeable — TOSY Flying Duo is rechargeable via USB Type-C, so you can finally ditch those battery-operated products once and for all!
  • High durability — Both the TOSY Boomerang and TOSY Flying Disc are water-resistant and made of high-quality, floatable materials.
  • TOSY Boomerang Patented Design — The TOSY Boomerang has a unique round shape and a patented self-returning feature, making their boomerang super easy to play with for people of all ages.
  • TOSY Boomerang Launcher — Unlike traditional boomerangs, the TOSY Boomerang includes a launcher for a precise and safe comeback for players of all ages and levels.
  • Flying Disc Professional Ultimate game mode — The light on the TOSY Flying Disc will automatically flash after 10 seconds if the disc is not thrown. Which is the allotted time a player has in Ultimate. The TOSY Flying Disc also meets all standard requirements for Professional Ultimate Games. Many other LED flying disc brands haven’t achieved.
TOSY Flying Duo

As I’ve mentioned before, most people are familiar with Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee, in addition to the understanding that people of all ages are fascinated with flying things. That is where the idea for The Flying Duo came from. These apparently simple products have physics and mechanics that are incredibly captivating and people simply love them.

The group behind The TOSY Flying Duo, which specializes in high-tech toys, enjoyable sports things, and cutting-edge robotics, couldn’t help but feel as though the boomerang and flying disc needed an upgrade.

TOSY: Smart Golf Disc & 360 LED Flying Disc & Boomerang

Standard boomerangs take great ability and training and can often be dangerous for young or unskilled gamers. Countless Americans and individuals globally. It is thought about as one of the fastest-growing sports. Though the flying disc has seen new and enhanced style updates in the last years, there is nothing near to the capability that the TOSY Flying Disc intends to provide.

TOSY: Smart Golf Disc & 360 LED Flying Disc & Boomerang

This innovative showing-off game combines next-level innovation with enjoyment for everyone. Families with children of any age, college students, general sports fans, outdoor fanatics, and Ultimate gamers can all delight in the next-generation TOSY Boomerang and TOSY Flying Disc. This product is much more than the conventional flying disc and boomerangs and is expected to surpass the expectations for all Ultimate games and end up being the next trendy tech-toy for all the occasions.

Be among the first to get your hands on The TOSY – get it for a great price while you have the chance and support this amazing campaign!

TOSY: Smart Golf Disc & 360 LED Flying Disc & Boomerang


ROBOFI is an e-commerce start-up specializing in high-tech toys, fun sports items, and innovative robots. Their goal is to bring the most advanced and entertaining products to tech gurus and consumers globally. The TOSY Flying Duo is the first of its kind and takes outdoor adventures to the next level.

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