Traineroom | Your coaching app whenever and wherever you want


Traineroom: the app that makes you train wherever you want! An app that connects coaches’ certificates of each sport.

Traineroom App: Advanced Sports Training at the palm of your hand

A digital fitness approach; Once you see results, it becomes an addiction!

  • Team specialized in fitness and with a great project they want to present.
  • They are noticing the growing fitness market.
  • They are analyzing and understand the many problems that there are to date in the digital fitness world.
  • In this way, they are making a solution able to simplify the sports life of both the customer and the sports coach.

In sports, training is an integral part of the process. Not just for the benefits it affords in terms of mastering the art of the game, but also in attaining top form, enhanced performance, and resilience. As such, investing in quality training is a necessity. Particularly in professional competitive sports where the best take home the win.


However, how easy is it to schedule those training sessions with the possibility of experiencing convenience? Most often than not, people are wasting in futile long-term appointments which is an unfortunate consequence of offline training without valid technology. And that is before considering that your training might be scheduled way off your sporting calendar which can affect your performance. But Traineroom is here to change all this!

A digital approach to sports training

Traineroom is a sports and fitness app that is capable of creating a true fusion of the market between teachers/trainers and the end-users/customers.


The service-oriented platform is comprised of numerous fitness and gym solutions that have been carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of a wide client base. Their mission is to ensure that you receive quality sports training at your convenience so that you can play like a pro.

Push the boundaries of possibilities with advanced technology.


With all sports included in Traineroom, they guarantee instant access to the categories of your choice at highly competitive prices. No matter where you are or whatever time it is, you can instantly book the sports teacher/trainer of your choice and start training when it is appropriate for you. With no long queues to contend with and many options to choose from, there is no cap on what you can or can’t do.

Imagine being able to train with any sports coach from around the world at any time; both online and offline!

For the user

There is a teacher for every discipline of sports in the world. As the user, you will be able to view the coaches available in the period of time you have selected through an interactive calendar with the possibility of being able to book the desired coach. It is as simple as that! There are also three modes of coaching choices:

  • Online
  • At home (coach comes to your house)
  • Geo-locating a coach for outdoor sessions or the nearest gym.

You are able to input your selection and find a coach who supports your requirements. Choose from individual training or group sessions,

For the Teacher:

You will be able to create your trainer profile complete with your qualifications, accomplishments, and what you are offering in terms of online or on-call home sessions. Control your hours of operation, set your charging rate. Respond to clients directly to agree to a training schedule that is tailored to their needs. Registering with Traineroom also assures you increased work as a freelancer with the flexibility you deserve for a work-life balance.

The Traineroom Competitive Advantage

Traineroom is not just a fitness and gym app. It is a life coaching solution that is founded on creating social relations in the sports world between trainers and customers, professionals and prospective athletes. They seek to bridge the gap that is biased towards certain sports, qualifications, and regions through inclusive and holistic sports and fitness training/coaching. Their vision is to become the largest OTA in the world!


Something else

People are directing their lives towards the digital world. So in this case, the app allows you to really be able to play sports at any time and place of the day. When used online, it is estimated that 20% less CO2 emissions with urban travel.

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