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TreePod Canopy pool lounge

Hello dear backers,

allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Andrea, and today I want to share with you the product that, I hope, will excite you as it did me. TreePod Canopy is a genius invention! As a person that enjoys being outside the house, spending a lot of time in the backyard & nature I find TreePod simply amazing!

TreePod Canopy - backyard and trees

Always bring your TreePod Canopy with you

Lately, people have been spending more time outdoors than ever before. Have you noticed beach bars with lounges? They look so appealing, don’t they? Also, the popularity of hammocks increased because of their versatility outdoors and also indoors.

TreePod canopy home-indoor

Yet they often come with restrictions such as: requiring 2 trees to hang from, space restrictions inside the hammock, lack of shade, etc. But, you don’t always have a tree nearby, and if you want to rest with your partner, the hammock is a no-go! That’s why they came up with the idea of TreePod – a Hybrid Hammock!

TreePod Canopy view - 5 windows - sea

You can enjoy the luxury of a cabana with ease

Wherever you go, you can bring your favorite swing with you. Now, with TreePod Canopy, you can enjoy spending your time, relaxing while watching the sunset through 5 large windows! Also, 52% more space gives you enough place to lay down, even if you’re over 6ft tall.

TreePod Canopy - for more space

Choose from a 7.5 feet size for maximum comfort and also relaxation, or a 6 feet model to fit the smaller places. With a 7.5 feet base, you’re able to sit with your friends or family in it, and you would still feel comfortable. Five big windows give you a scenic view, and you don’t have to worry about where to place it, it does not matter.

TreePod Canopy size - dimensions

Made with UV-treated canvas, TreePod Canopy offers optimal shading and protection while relaxing in the sun.

Note: For longer exposure to the sun, it should be protected with the cover.

TreePod Canopy is very simple to assemble! Just insert the steel poles (similar to a camping tent), make sure the hanging rope is firmed to the TreePod Cover. Pull the rope to your optimal height from the ground, and also secure the rope to a sturdy spot.

TreePod Canopy how to set - steps

Optional accessories:

  • bug net
  • cover
  • mesh pocket
  • water bottle
  • large mattress
  • regular mattress
  • mattress inflator
  • drag anchor
  • 7.5ft flat case
  • string lights
  • stand
Size and color of treepod canopy
TreePod hanging habitats - logo

Originally constructed for kids, the first TreePod design had instant grownup’s attention. Because, everybody likes to take a rest, especially lying in the air! The team adjusted the size of it so it can be suitable for adults. So, they launched the TreePod Lounger and Cabana in 2017. Currently, they are back with a bigger as well as far better version: the TreePod Canopy!

TreePod Canopy - crew- designers

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