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TrekChair | Ditch the Weight, Not Comfort

All-in-One Camping Chair & Trekking Pole System

Once an ounce lost means a mile gained on the trail. The weight of your pack determines how far you can go. So, we’re, always looking for ways to maximize the impact of every ounce, because the less weight you carry, the more places you can see.

TrekChair Ditch the Weight, Not Comfort

The passion for adventures led them to the creation of Trekchair – the ultimate combination of comfort and packability in an ultralight backpacking chair. With TrekChair they’ve integrated trekking poles into the design of the chair, allowing you to leave behind the added weight in the bulk of traditional backpacking chairs at only one and a half pounds.

TrekChair Ditch the Weight, Not Comfort

TrekChair optimizes the equation of going longer and farther. Its compact design stows easily in a backpack pocket and it can be deployed in a moment. Paired with their custom, carbon fiber trekking poles. Trekchair provides backpackers with the ultimate strength holding up to 250 pounds.

You can sit upright or recline a full 45 degrees, giving you unmatched comfort for its small size and weight.

TrekChair Ditch the Weight, Not Comfort

They have yet to hit the apex of innovation in backpacking. The adventure seekers want to know how to make things lighter and more comfortable. Because a journey should never be burdened by the weight on your shoulders.

With Trekchair you can climb to new heights, find the paths least traveled, and unearth what the journey has to offer.

TrekChair Ditch the Weight, Not Comfort

TrekChair weighs 50% less than chairs of similar size, it seamlessly transforms to fit into a backpack pocket.

A premium carbon fiber frame and an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy base allow the TrekChair system to weigh 1.5 lbs while supporting up to 250 lbs.

The headrest and adjustable trekking poles allow you to lean back and lounge. The low center of gravity adds stability while allowing you to easily prop up your legs.

TrekChair Ditch the Weight, Not Comfort

By using the trekking poles, they leave behind many pole sections used in traditional chairs. This results in a pack size that is 40% less volume, saving valuable space in your pack.

Shed the extra weight with premium carbon fiber 7.8 oz TrekChair poles. And if you’d rather opt for your own poles, TrekChair makes that easy too!

TrekChair Ditch the Weight, Not Comfort

TrekChair is made by Get Out Gear, an established outdoor gear company with a proven record of delivering top-rated products to tens of thousands of happy customers. 

TrekChair Ditch the Weight, Not Comfort

They’re on a mission to create innovative, intelligently designed outdoor gear to fuel your next adventures.

With thousands of 5-star reviews, their line of Bouffi Blankets has earned numerous Best Seller and Best Choice awards due to their unique blend of warmth, size, and weight.

Whether ultralight backpacking or camping in your backyard, their products are meant to deliver happiness, comfort, and joy as you experience the great outdoors.

Spread joy, spread kindness, and get outside!

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